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I skid :DD :D


I totaly skid!!!




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Replied to thread : scriptware and comet just shutdown

Nihon will *maybe* be discontinued too.



Replied to thread : [Help] Save Games


Replied to thread : [help] how to detect another players message

Player.Chatted is the only way.

Replied to thread : Redacted Studio Code IDE Anouncement!!

What makes it an IDE?


The thread could have more information

Replied to thread : Floating-Point Conversion Precision Issues


Why create a function that just calls another function??!?!??!

Replied to thread : Lua If Else Statements

Who th doesnt know what if statements are

Commented to thread : LionerIDE comeback with even better monaco than last one

More photos soon dont worry.


It is done 90% and I will probably create a new thread about it

Replied to thread : LionerIDE comeback with even better monaco than last one

@disegnidacola i dont speak italian

also wtf i aint a kid

Replied to thread : [HELP] How do i detect when a part moves over a certain Position

Create a part at the desired location, do .Touched and just check if its the ball smh

Commented to thread : my mans its time for the big question

Well said!!!!!!


Best speech ever

Replied to thread : WRD Zero, an elegant dark mode.

I am using it rn and it is a banger

W Thread

Replied to thread : [RATE] Winforms UI

My eyes are screaming for u to use wpf :sob:

Commented to thread : Atom is being discontinued... Well for now.

You might be right :shrug: