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Introducing: LUNIR

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The LUNIR project is unlike any other — the collaborative efforts of expr/expression, 0x90, dyslexicsteak, and cascade have resulted in a compilation/decompilation pipeline that is set to redefine the way developers approach Lua. By providing a Universal Intermediate Representation for Lua, LUNIR simplifies the process of working with Lua bytecode and source, offering a level of flexibility that was previously unheard of. By being so flexible, LUNIR is even able to stretch beyond the realm of Lua, as its intermediate representations develop, a higher level of language independence will be reached, opening the door for consumers to develop bespoke bytecode formats or languages that use LUNIR or for them to bridge existing ones with LUNIR.

One of the biggest advantages of LUNIR is its foundation on Rust, which is known for its reliability and performance. The result is an interface that is both easy to use and fast, which makes LUNIR an ideal tool for anyone looking to develop a wide range of Lua-oriented applications. Whether you're working on a small personal project or a large-scale commercial application, LUNIR offers the power and flexibility you need to get the job done.

With LUNIR, you are not limited to just a compiler or decompiler: the pipeline offers a large surface area for customisation of behavior that can be leveraged to create everything from obfuscators and deobfuscators to prettifiers and optimizers. Whatever your needs may be, LUNIR will have you covered and will empower you you to take your Lua-oriented projects to the next level.
LUNIR is currently open source, and can be found on GitHub at:

Contributions are welcome!

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the verbum pipeline incident

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veh_handler and seh_handler disliker


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rust is the future and the future is now

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Rust is the future and the future is now


i love femboys

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seems legit tbh

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"Questionable intellegence, but I like the mystery" - CubeFaces

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whats rust? the video game?


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