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anti-website ban system

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so since a byfron or a roblox moderators ACTUALLY gets in your account

by when you join a game it says error 273

someone has accessed your account 

and then it says error starting experience

and when you reload..


so maybe make a anti access thing?

and maybe make it more powerful by disabling/HWID banning the mod account or disabling byfron anticheat

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this doesnt make sense

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We Hate VOID

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Roblox don't get access to your account idk where you found that information from

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They don't access it. To answer your question, they simply do not have a 'You have been banned' when you join a roblox game message yet. It just simply kicks you out with another excuse.


You cant make it anti-access unless you modify roblox completly with IDA or an engine, and change the messages.

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hecker dude ngl i hecked 5 ips in 1 second also luaU_loadbiglongjuicythingy(rL);




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How are you going to HWID ban if you don't have the HWID. As far as I'm aware, you can't get the HWID from a website. The way Roblox does it, is it logs the HWID from the app itself, then uses it to ban you from the website as well (That's what I've been told, someone correct me if I'm wrong.)

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Cookie bans however, could work

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yeah they work.

that's a great concept overall.

I could probably make it work.

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