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Replied to thread : Rate my new exploit ui is it better than previous one?

1. Change the size of the sidebar icons (make them lil bit smaller)

2. You don't have to put labels in the sidebar because that's what icons are meant for

3. Use smaller font sizes, a better font like Poppins, etc.

4. Get better icons, ones that are similar to each other style

5. A better theme? that theme is a literal eyesore and looks bad, it doesn't fit with other colors

6. Stick to the theme palette, at least 4 colours, primary, secondary, text colour, etc.

7. Reduce the rounding, that rounding is too round, maybe 12px?

Replied to thread : Windowsforms Ui

crazy that nobody gave suggestions just criticism 

Created a new thread : Funny WRD XSS Vulnerability

Found it today after some digging in the source code


Harmless for now due to the characters limit (too lazy to find a way to bypass it)💯

How I did it (Pull Request)

Replied to thread : Statement to Hyperions Official Release. - By Byfron CTO

Commented to thread : the situation.

How is that irrelevant when I'm involved in it already? Are you that ignorant?

"get a life." says who brings up drama in this comm, shoving his nose in another person's personal life. That neg rep was deserved because you're ranting up in every post related to Rexi and me, bringing drama that IS NOT your business, not even related to you, and you're still calling me irrelevant? what a goober

You should yourself quit involving yourself in someone else personal life

Commented to thread : the situation.

How was it "advertising" when it was a foolish giveaway of me? I literally didn't know the owner was accused of pedophilia. Keep being the nail

And for real, stop yall sh*t already it is annoying

Replied to thread : rarest usename on WeAreDevs?

useless username


usernames aren't a treasured thing here

Replied to thread : Python abstraction abc plugin

just create a class with an abstract method and any class that extends it needs to implement that method or it will throw an error

class Document:
    def __init__(self, dept, date):
        self.dept = dept = date

    def write_description(self):
        raise NotImplementedError("subclass must implement abstract method")

class Invoice(Document):
    def write_description(self):
        return f"Invoice {} for {self.dept}"

Commented to thread : [RQ] Need help to make a scripts [listbox] searchbox

I'm not trying to be rude or anything but your English is making my head spin, Can you simplify your explanation a bit?


It seems like the code execution order is causing some shenanigans


Replied to thread : [RQ] Need help to make a scripts [listbox] searchbox

Make sure you add an if statement with a log point to check for a "no files" exception. If it says there are no files, your code might be messed up with the wrong path or permissions or the code structure itself :)

Replied to thread : How to do this [WEB RELATED]

No obfuscation required. Your solution is Token Based Authentication, specifically JWT (JSON Web Tokens)


You can use a few libraries (like jwt-simple) to generate the tokens and then store it on a database. These tokens are used when making an API call to your website or any other kind of request, so you will have to include them in your requests (HttpGet Headers). When the server receives this token it verifies if is valid using its private key and then returns the requested data or script. This way no one would be able to access your script content without having an authorized token.


JWT is just one example of Token Based Authentication, and there are other types as well

Replied to thread : Hi Everyone. Is this Gaming Laptop good?

that's a zamn laptop