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I got some expertise writing in Java, however I am now compelled to develop in Python due to time constraints. What I'm attempting to do is create a class structure that extends from an abstract class Document down into numerous document kinds that, based on their type, would fetch different information from a database. Given that there are likely hundreds of distinct document kinds, I believe that utilising abstraction to offload as much functionality as possible further up the stack is my best option.

In Java, I would code something like this:


public abstract class Document(){
    private String dept
    private String date
    public Document(){
    public abstract String writeDescription(){

With Python, I'm not sure what my best choice is for doing anything like this. Right now, the two main options I've seen are to utilise the abc plugin. , Alternatively to utilise simple Python inheritance structures, such as this: Abstraction in Python?

Is it possible to complete my task without using the ABC plugin, or would it be necessary?

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Thank you




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just create a class with an abstract method and any class that extends it needs to implement that method or it will throw an error

class Document:
    def __init__(self, dept, date):
        self.dept = dept = date

    def write_description(self):
        raise NotImplementedError("subclass must implement abstract method")

class Invoice(Document):
    def write_description(self):
        return f"Invoice {} for {self.dept}"
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