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Thanks to Monkey_D_Luffy for the rep I will always remember you:)



Stadia because goooooogle said sooooooo.... yeah


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Created a new thread : What do I do does anyone have a file i can use to get jjsploit???????

 when JJSploit give's me the message, Fallback update checker used, which may be unreliable. Your device/internet is either blocking '' or the server is offline. because it wont let me open the link to get jjsploit it just gives me an error when i do 

Replied to thread : Can someone just give me a file of jjsploit

@marcus__ yo yo yo ummmmm yeah no it gives me an error still

Created a new thread : (REQUEST) bee swarm sim script

once i finally get jjsploit installed can someone give me an amazing script

Created a new thread : Can someone just give me a file of jjsploit

jj only works on this computor trust me ive tried everything but everytime i click download it takes me to cdn dicsword download thingy and my computor cant open discord because my dad is mean so does anyone just have a file i can download to get jjsploit



Also hi everybody i missed you guys

Replied to thread : You`re running a unsupported version ROBLOX.WRD-API

@80482hayden you could be nicer although you are correct

Replied to thread : JJSploit not attaching fully

never mind its the wrd api


Created a new thread : JJSploit not attaching fully

JJ is not attatching fully i dont know if this is a problem on my part or just a bug

Replied to thread : Dislike button

ohhhhh what about report button for bots 

Replied to thread : tag color /CHARRS

@Syraxes_L comment 

                         i agree

Replied to thread : tag color /CHARRS

@re1oop ONG


Created a new thread : tag color /CHARRS

HEY XERO its ya boi stadia i was wondering if you could make my name come up in pink because i am everybodys favorite console right guyss.......... just a thought 

Replied to thread : Idea | WRD Conspiracy's

WE ARE CRAZY (WRC) goes hard ngl :trol:

Replied to thread : Had to redownload JJSploit and now it wont work

rough bro im in the same boat

Replied to thread : This section is dead.

whotf knows python :imdumb:

Created a new thread :

idk what this is but it keeps on getting blocked and then wrd api just freezes

idk im not smart