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[🔥CHALLENGE] Xeleron Code Competition

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Xeleron Code

A Coding Competition for Roblox


When you look at Roblox or the exploiting community, there are no challenges, no competitions. This might be a bit new to WRD (i think its first challenge/competition here)


Are you ready to challenge your self and put your coding skills to the test? Join the Xeleron Coding competition and get the chance to win up to 15,000 Robux. You'll meet amazing developers, and you can learn about new topics.


With all of the developers we will also hold some events and allow people to showcase what they have programmed. In the future we also plan to hold more events like this, so developers can challenge themselves, and meet with other developers.


Here are the categories the competition will have and which rounds:



- Acceptance round 

You'll be asked some basic general programming questions to get accepted into the competition.


- Round one

You'll build an program (or script) depending on what category you chose. It wont be too hard and there wont be any questions. You'll be given 1-2 days.


- Round two

You'll develop anything you want, it has to be impressive. You'll be given 2-4 days.



In total the competition will last for around 5 days. Soon we will be taking a survey on who will participate and what programming languages they know.


We'll take the most popularly known programming languages and then give everyone the link to the acceptance round.


Once again: Xeleron Code is if you are trying to challenge your self and test your coding skills while getting an opportunity to win 15,000 Robux.






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Only specials want robux


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I mean you're pretty special in the head

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@Cyros oh sh*t

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Cool for hidden talents, good luck everyone who'll enter.

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Thx for reps everyone:


i make funny lua code

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me and the 2 braincells i have coding together


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omg me when coding comp when teams!!!

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