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Replied to thread : hi dead people

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Replied to thread : Is Roblox exploiting dead?

pretty much, with the new hyperion anticheat roblox has brought its just a mouse and cat game. exploit developer will update to bypass anticheat, anticheat will update to patch anticheat, and so on.


also there is no executor that is 100% undetected afaik

Replied to thread : Wave is detected.

you get banned from all of your accounts in roblox with the new ban system of roblox

in some accounts it might not look like it however if you try and join a game it will instead shadow ban you and kick you.

Commented to thread : No Wave in front page?

better places to list wave in:
- p!rnhub
- xvideos

Replied to thread : [Apology] No land for Ishanjit.

if this community was active you would not be forgiven, but since WRD is dead, you can enter.

there is no moderators moderating either, there are so many bot posts in every category.

Created a new thread : [RELEASE] Saturn Generation - Advanced Password Generation

Hello, WeAreNoobz


This is a project i made that generates secure passwords with multiple customization settings and modes, why? no idea i just like random generation.


Current Modes

- Normal (Generates a set of characters from A-Z and 0-9, numbers can be disabled.)
- Number (Generates a value between min to max, min / max can be set by the user.)
- UUID (Gets a random UUID element from the web {from})
- GUID (Gets a random GUID element from the web {from})

- SecureSeed (Generates a random code based on computer time and Cellelot Numbers) (NoxiSeed for short)
- Cipher (Generates a random Caesar Cipher code)
- Cipher Beta (Generates a random Caesar Cipher code with XOR included in it)
- Encryption | Not Rolled out yet (Uses Normal generation to generate a set of characters, then encrypts it using BXOR)

- Use (Allows you to use a generation mode to generate)
- List (Allows you to see the list of generation modes)
- GitHub (Redirects you to the GitHub) (forgot to replace)
- Discord | Not done yet (Gets you the discord invite of LuaRandom)
- Credits (Gives you the developers {only me} and program languages used)


Virus Scans
VirusTotal: VirusTotal Scan

Hybrid Analysis: Hybrid Analysis Display

GitHub Releases: GitHub Releases Link

Mega Download: File Sharer

Fileio Download: Download Manager

Commented to thread : get money script

any competent developer will not put remotes to get cash instantly or have measurements to make sure people dont exploit the remote, so probably wont work

one slightly better way is with module exploitation but thats also bad since again, developers protect those

imo metatables are easy and i guess most of the time work.

Replied to thread : is it possible to deobfuscate this

yes but unless using something like LD ($50) it will be kind of hard and time consuming, however it indeed can be deobfuscated.

Created a new thread : [SRC RELEASE] Novaline Hub + Novaline Hub V2 SRC

Hello! WeAreJJs
I will be releasing Novaline Hub (Both V1 and unreleased V2)'s SRC as Novaline is dead and will never return.


So features:
Novaline Hub V1:
- Medium Level Loader

- 50+ Games

- Very OP for some games (might even be the best scripts for some games)

Novaline Hub V2:
- Never released as ethan cancelled Novaline V2 after hearing Roblox will sue people that create executors and release them publicly
- Unfinished af

- 4 Games

- Advanced Tier Loader (?)

Here are SRC's
Novaline V1: Download

Novaline V2: Download

VirusTotal(s): Nova1 | Nova2
^ i provided VT's for no reason lol

Hope you like them?? Roblox Exploiting community is legit dead so i don't know lol.

Commented to thread : I am going to 3 d s bot house

okay im going with him, anyone got the map for it tho?

Replied to thread : [release] jsploit src

jsploit the front-page

Replied to thread : my epic script for blockate!!! (satire)

bro's obfuscation is from the pipe of the toilet

Replied to thread : It's been a good run.

i honestly have no idea who you are bye

Commented to thread : get money script

chatgpt a$$ response bruh