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Nothing But GRP

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Is it ok if grp gets a chance from wrd community?

Yes he apologizes for his past works and will never do them again. If you talk about "He works with ishan". Yes ishan tried to grab his members, after grp realized it, he took roles from ishanjit and then ishanjit also said he wont grab grp's executors users again.


SO its okay to stop the hate for GRP?

and i wonder how you all are supporting Ethan for scamming GRP's 2 months earning (75$)







[yes i am grp]

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VenomXD; Nick = Vini

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yes, it is okay to hate on you


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bro i am not joking

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never said, supposed, or insinuated you were

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Well then why do you mention GRP as if he is a different person when you just mentioned that you are GRP.?

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you are a kankir pola

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what a shame

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Thx for reps everyone:

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