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Created a new thread : Who is the worst person in WRD Community ever?

WeAreDevs Wrd = new WeAreDevs;

string Topic = Wrd.CurrentThread.Topic;



Commented to thread : Comet's Script Hub

oh. he gave me permission

Created a new thread : Comet's Script Hub

So is it ok if i use Comet's script hub in my executor?

I have already asked a dev of Comet. He said, "Our script hub is open source except the api. There is no problem to use it, You can use it"....

Created a new thread : Auto Attach


Is using while() loop best to make a Auto attach? Or any other way is better 

Commented to thread : How to update roblox exploit bootstrapper 's zip file?


Fluxus dll is currently private. You can't use that, you need to ask fluxus owners for it

Commented to thread : Search History ;)




Commented to thread : Search History ;)

good boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Commented to thread : Search History ;)

yeah don't forget to hit like and sub button

Commented to thread : Search History ;)

oh nice. Your father is a brilliant

Created a new thread : Search History ;)

Press ctrl + H

Now be honest and tell me your last 3 search history...

Replied to thread : [TUTORIAL]: Auto inject.

This skid got this code from a youtuber named "Moo Exploits"

Commented to thread : What can i do by learning RUST?

Can i also get A+ in exams with Rist ?

Replied to thread : Paste whatever is on your clipboard

dm me for free bobuk ;)

Created a new thread : What can i do by learning RUST?

what can i do with Rush coding. Like with c#, i can make applications. with python, i can do almost everything and with html, i can make websites