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How do I apply smooth scrolling to a scroll viewer in WPF?

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The result I am trying to achieve is on the right side, where it kind of slides with inertia.

Compared to it, is the stuttery scrolling on the left which is what I have and don't want.

Google didn't help.

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i don't think you know how to use google because i found this in 10 seconds

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Hello, were you able to make smooth scrolling? If you can do it for WPF, I need your little help. Thank you in advance for your answer.


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Unfortunately I couldn't and mostly gave up due to lack of time. Maybe I'll try continuing later, but as far as I see it, it might not be any time soon.

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Thank you for your answer, I will continue to search and if I can, I will let you know.

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I recently got one barely working, but it's super buggy.

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