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modifying a ui and calling it yours does mean it's your ui.

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Replied to thread : Rate my exploit UI

Shorten the left side because it feels hella unproportioned. Just something I thought might improve it is adding a small gap between the text editor and the border of the window and also increasing font size for the execute button. (Recommendations based on old UI, for the new one, ignore rest except the button comment)

Replied to thread : [QUESTION] Most reputable GTA Online cheats/mod menus

I guess Stand might be a good one. Heard it's like 2nd to 2take1, but I've only used the free version(limited in function). Also 2take1 does have lifetime, but the price is too high for a cheat in my opinion.

Replied to thread : how we could reverse engineer byfron

What deobfuscator tool

Replied to thread : Rate my ui for my exploit

Looks boring but usable 8/10

Replied to thread : who doesn't feel sorry for the WPF UI?

Bruh a tab system is super easywith skidding expecially with Monaco in it. Even a lazy person can do it 5 minutes.

Replied to thread : [BUG] Comments and replies being extremely unresponsive

Start by clearing your browser's cache and cookies. Sometimes, cached data can cause unexpected behavior on websites. After clearing the cache, try commenting again to see if the issue persists.

Commented to thread : Volt Ultra - upcoming roblox exploit!

@EvilYtGuy never said you need a scrollbar. You can hide the scroll bar but still make it scroll side to side using the scroll wheel on the mouse rather than the buttons or arrow keys.

Commented to thread : Volt Ultra - upcoming roblox exploit!

That font looks terrible in the window bar for the top executor. Actually overall the fonts look hella inconsistent.

Commented to thread : Volt Ultra - upcoming roblox exploit!

@EvilYtGuy and you can't use the scroll wheel on the mouse to scroll it? If not then that's kinda impractible, especially considering that it's made with wpf.

Replied to thread : Volt Ultra - upcoming roblox exploit!

Can the tab control scroll horizontally or does it need to be scrolled specifically by the buttons? Also does this have a custom dll?

Replied to thread : the literal peak.


Commented to thread : EXECUTOR ROBLOX

What's wrong with segoe UI? Atleast it's not comics sans.

Replied to thread : [RATE] TabSystem

I'd rate it a 7/10, the design is nice and simple. But, one point is removed for having a limit on the amount of tabs. Another one is that I do not see a function to rename each individual tab. Another is that I don't see the function to move around the tabs. Also is there a reason to have the code icon on each tab? I know I'm being picky, but overall it's a nice looking tab control.

Commented to thread : How do I apply smooth scrolling to a scroll viewer in WPF?

I recently got one barely working, but it's super buggy.