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Commented to thread : Open-Source Monaco Tab System WPF

Forum dead bro for real I dont know other forum so complicated

Replied to thread : Open-Source Monaco Tab System WPF

there are already too many skids, I think it is not good to support them so much, it is more logical to sell them only to skids with money

Commented to thread : [CW] Winsploit or scammersploit

what you mean?

Commented to thread : [CW] Winsploit or scammersploit

thank you for information I have to rewrite the text wait thank you again

Replied to thread : Private Executor Test hyperion

video is broken bro

Created a new thread : [CW] Winsploit or scammersploit



First His Account:

Hello everyone, I will tell you without prolonging the subject, as you know, I am sh..t at writing texts, so I will not write a good text and the community is dead now, but I do not like labor thieves and I do not forgive those who make money on it.

when I enter the server in this thread they say that they are promising exploits to people with screenshots stolen from videos of my interface concepts

They trying selling it bruh

But this is real version:


I'm tried talking with about skidding my concept but he is ignoring me 


Also they skidding akula open source bootsrapper without give credits


Anyway, it is up to you to stop the labor thieves, I do not recommend you to download anything from that server, you are guaranteed to get the bitcoin miner virus!

Created a new thread : Support my videos pls :d (ARGON)

the title explains it all

Commented to thread : Argon CS2 And More Cheats!

Not yet

Keep following us for new info about Argon

Commented to thread : Argon CS2 And More Cheats!

it will be game cheat library like cs2, lethal company, unterned and more. It will has key system, we planning selling limited key

Created a new thread : Argon CS2 And More Cheats!

We, the Argon team have decided to switch to other games than lego haxx. We are developing a completely undetectable game library Argon. This is an early development footage of our CS2 project. Server:



Replied to thread : Hydrogen Windows leaked? It's already bypassed Hyperion Anti - Tamper!

I don't think they will make such an amateur interface.

Replied to thread : [CW]: Cherry/Objective & Argon's Module Sources have been leaked!

This is the most expected from a person who cannot manage to run httpget. I don't know how to he sell the information he learned from Rexi to people for money. It really seems very bad to me. I would also like to talk about argon. As you can see, C++ is a coding that has just started, or so I think, because if you understand execution you can understand what I mean (If a skid can beat Byfron, how could it not be done by "Ethan" (Knowledgeable!?) and I really condemn him for such a pathetic approach)

Commented to thread : New release Infernus V5 Beta!

I know that if you research and learn WPF, you can create better user interfaces. good luck!

Commented to thread : rate my editor concept

I changed it according to the angle of view, but if since it was so disturbing, I would have made them all the same.