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how can i get the hwid?

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how can i get the users hwid? (using a script)

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according to chatgpt

In Lua or Luau, it is not possible to directly retrieve a user's HWID (Hardware ID). Luau is a lightweight scripting language primarily used for scripting within the Roblox platform. It doesn't provide direct access to low-level system information like a user's HWID.

HWID is typically a system-specific identifier that is unique to a particular device or hardware component. Retrieving such information would generally require lower-level programming languages or system APIs that are not available within the Lua or Luau scripting environment.

If you have a specific use case or requirement for obtaining a user's HWID, you may need to explore alternative methods or consider using other programming languages or tools that provide access to system-level information. However, it's important to note that capturing and using hardware identification information may have privacy implications and should be done with appropriate consent and adherence to relevant laws and regulations.
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Gethwid Is a function

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You could get ClientID or send a http request to an api that returns your hwid.

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Some executors have a header in their http requests with the full hwid, usually its named "exploitname-fingerprint", for example the synapse x hwid header is "Syn-Fingerprint". The thing is, not many free executors document the hwid header so i recommend setting up a repl with an express server that reads headers to find the name of the header but remember most executors dont have it so you will lack a lot of support.


As for the other replies, GetClientID will not always return the same response, im pretty sure that its also based on the current roblox version so its not a good method and I think that gethwid() doesnt return the full hwid but i could be wrong, the http header method is the best


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is there a site that returns the hwid or something?

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@ddwdwd dont think so, i think you need to host your own server


Nevermind, you can use this:

local http_request = syn.request;

local body = http_request({Url = ''; Method = 'GET'}).Body;
local decoded = game:GetService('HttpService'):JSONDecode(body)
local hwid = decoded.headers["Syn-Fingerprint"]

print(HWID: "..hwid)

keep in mind this will only work on synapse so you might need to change the header for free executors, might make a thread about something like this

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local HWID = game:GetService("RbxAnalyticsService"):GetClientId()
print("Your HWID is: " .. HWID)
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