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i like money


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Commented to thread : ChatGPT po Polsku - engaging dialogues with AI |

its actually working, but its just normal chatgpt lmao

Created a new thread : when jjplot get fixed?

jjplot is down for over monfth, when it get updated, why its not geting upeated?? i miss jjplot 😭πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜“πŸ˜₯😒

Commented to thread : Synapse Caught Switching Sides

They just come for money

Created a new thread : List of exploits what are discountinued

> Synapse X

> Scriptware

> Oxygen U


What exploit is next?

Commented to thread : WHAT THE FVCK SYNAPSE?

Deleted charsss

Replied to thread : Is Mullvad really the best VPN for security?

mullvad vpn is super good for keeping your stuff safe and secret. it doesn't need your email or anything, and it's really clear about what it does. some say its apps aren't the coolest, but it's awesome for your privacy. they use openvpn and wireguard with big encryption. it stops your info from leaking and can hide from vpn blockers. it's good, but remember the "best" one can be different for everyone. like, if you want lots of servers or a fancy look, there are other ones like proton vpn (it's free) and nordvpn (it costs money) according to pcmag.

Replied to thread : [Release] Kronos Uwp Executor | Working After Byfron | Custom Roblox Client

i use fluster for modded roblox version lol

Replied to thread : Rate my Winforms UI

Actually it doesnt look bad, i would make some changes but its cool, and dont switch to WPF if you dont want to.

Replied to thread : Rate my User Interface

I would rate your video game library interface a 7 out of 10. Here are some improvements you can make:


- You can add some variety to your game tiles by using different colors, fonts, or images for each game. Having 6 tiles for the same game can look repetitive and boring.

- You can add some filters or categories to your game library, such as genre, platform, or rating. This can help you organize your games and find them easily.

- You can add some features or options to your interface, such as sorting, searching, or deleting games. This can enhance the functionality and usability of your library.

- You can add some personalization or customization to your interface, such as changing the theme, background, or layout. This can make your library more attractive and unique.


I dont have kids anyways

Replied to thread : [RELEASE] An Extremely Simple Password Generator

Cool, you're doing a good job dude;)

Created a new thread : Simple Omegle Bot (Spam ADs or something)

function executeOmegle() {
    let btn = document.querySelector('.disconnectbtn');
    let messageBox = document.querySelector('.chatmsg');
    let sendBtn = document.querySelector('.sendbtn');;
    messageBox.innerHTML = "your ad here or smh";;

setInterval(executeOmegle, 4000);





Made that project cuz i was bored, maybe it will be useful for someone lol

Replied to thread : ArmanX | New Roblox Executor Promotion


Replied to thread : Making a new UI for Shadow

not bad but could be better.