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i heck roblox.


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Replied to thread: Monaco Text Editor?

It is a Syntax Editor. It highlights specific code keywords, technically like an IDE. It works just as similar to Visual Studio's IDE code explorer. That is what it is. To add it, make a Web Browser. The code will invoke HTML.


            webBrowser1.Url = new Uri(string.Format("file:///{0}/Bin/Monaco/Monaco.html", Directory.GetCurrentDirectory()));

Now, the Bin/ and after that is the directory. Make a new folder, Rename it Bin, put a new folder inside of Bin, Rename it Monaco, and should work!

Replied to thread: how to find this... addresses...

You want to find the Hooks of LuaVM_Load? Just decompile it and go through it

Replied to thread: what exploit api allows custom lua functions

@Murz, He is talking about registering functions onto Lua Environment in C#. Although, i dont think its possible.

Replied to thread: what exploit api allows custom lua functions

What do you mean custom lua functions in C#? They can be both registered in C++ and in Lua. I don't think there's a way in C#. If I am wrong, you must explain more on your answer.


If you want to create custom lua functions in C# you must tell the API name or exploit DLL name you are trying to use.

Anyways, if you want to do it in lua (but run in C#):

function printidentity()
--code goes here

local printid = printidentity


Replied to thread: Rate my upcoming exploit ui

3/10 I don't know if your putting sarcasm 

Replied to thread: [REQ] Crash Client Roblox Script

@Spanksterria, it is obviously a joke. if you really want to destroy your PC, you can register a "death" function in the lua environment that if you call death() or anything you put the global to, it will kill the PC .......

Replied to thread: [REQ] Crash Client Roblox Script

@Spanksterria, What do you mean? 

Replied to thread: Help with whitelist

@Cooldudepro, That should be easy. Validating HWID and keeping it onto a host /server link.

Replied to thread: [Question] Finding Addresses

It is possible by a lot of methods. For example: Causing an error. How?


This will return an error in the console. If we search that in strings, it leads you to print.

Replied to thread: DLL Address

First, I want you to know what addresses do. They are memory addresses, which can be used in a function with the arguments.


What addresses do you need, though?

Replied to thread: The API keeps saying that im running the wrong version of roblox

The title is the answer. Update Roblox properly, or use an injector.

Replied to thread: What do you guys want me to do with this

Looks nice, tbh looks like a Mac OS exploit.


Replied to thread: Help with whitelist

I suggest doing HWID (as I said), maybe a Anti-VPN checker? If you are doing in C#  here are examples:

onsole.WriteLine("Motherboard Properties:");
Console.WriteLine("Availability: " + MotherboardInfo.Availability);
Console.WriteLine("HostingBoard: " + MotherboardInfo.HostingBoard);
Console.WriteLine("InstallDate: " + MotherboardInfo.InstallDate);
Console.WriteLine("Manufacturer: " + MotherboardInfo.Manufacturer);
Console.WriteLine("Model: " + MotherboardInfo.Model);
Console.WriteLine("PartNumber: " + MotherboardInfo.PartNumber);
Console.WriteLine("PNPDeviceID: " + MotherboardInfo.PNPDeviceID);
Console.WriteLine("PrimaryBusType: " + MotherboardInfo.PrimaryBusType);
Console.WriteLine("Product: " + MotherboardInfo.Product);
Console.WriteLine("Removable: " + MotherboardInfo.Removable);
Console.WriteLine("Replaceable: " + MotherboardInfo.Replaceable);
Console.WriteLine("RevisionNumber: " + MotherboardInfo.RevisionNumber);
Console.WriteLine("SecondaryBusType: " + MotherboardInfo.SecondaryBusType);
Console.WriteLine("SerialNumber: " + MotherboardInfo.SerialNumber);
Console.WriteLine("Status: " + MotherboardInfo.Status);
Console.WriteLine("SystemName: " + MotherboardInfo.SystemName);
Console.WriteLine("Version: " + MotherboardInfo.Version);

Replied to thread: What Lua UI Library is this?

@Aetheron, I know, so there is no way to get the UI Lib without doing deep research.

Replied to thread: Rate Our Code [Release]

No hate though.