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What is the point of a server side executor and how do they work?


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Well you'd probably understand from the name itself lol


The point of a server-side is to execute server-sided code.




Sever Sided Executors are just named Server Sides (SS)


SS's are used in games that are able to be exploited via a remote function that executes code (Ofc Lua).

They mainly rely on the Toolbox to infect users


How most Server Sides works is by using LBI Execution, they will use something like vLua 5.1 (Lua 5.1 VM in LuaU) or a basic Loadstring.


The reason they are paid is that how much games they've infected, if it's a tiny amount it would probably be free




Also, don't use John Doe I've heard people get easily blacklisted from it for no reason


Client UI --> Remote Functions --> Runs Code on Server


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The point of a SSE (Server Sided Executors) is to execute scripts that client-sided exploits can't. Most of the scripts that you execute in CSE (client-sided exploits) are only visible to you, and won't affect anyone else. Meanwhile SSE allow you to execute scripts that are visible to everyone, and affect everyone else in the server.

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