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Replied to thread: Stop copying test_bot2 lmfao


There's not quite a single person to blame for this, rather each bot developer must take responsibility for their own bot.

Replied to thread: Stop copying test_bot2 lmfao

I have not shared any line of my code with anyone, the entire project is closed source. ishan recreated it himself using Selenium in C# and shared the source with Emiray, and possibly others.

Created a new thread: Stop copying test_bot2 lmfao

Title says it all, there are like 3-4 bots now and they're against the rules now so just stop


Also just so you're all aware, ishan thought it'd be a good idea to give Emiray the bot code so hopefully Emiray isn't malicious anymore otherwise we can only hope he doesn't actually do anything with it


(not saying that to go against ishan or anything, but just to prepare the com)

Replied to thread: what are yall working on?

I'm working on test_bot2, the original bot for the global chat and the first bot that's actually good on WRD. ishan directly copied it in C# and made shadowbot but yeah.

Replied to thread: 77fuscator | Free Lua Obfuscator | Secure

seems pretty bad ngl, joined their server but the obfuscation seems like it can be easily deobfuscated


im not a lua dev or deobfuscator though so idk I could be wrong

Created a new thread: Introducing test_bot2

*So this will be slightly controversial but please don't argue in replies


As some may know I've been working on WRD's first good bot known as test_bot2 and it's an absolute W


Its able to moderate the chat and also has commands that are still work in progress


Some people here have already interacted with the bot and it's cool to see you guys having fun with it (using the !say command lol)


So yeah the bot is going to have more commands soon and it will just be a fun experience to interact with


I might add games to it too that can be played through the chat so stay tuned for that


All mods also have command permissions for the bot (since they're mods lmao) and I've been adding commonly known mods but if you're a mod and I missed you just DM me and I'll add you


I'm probably gonna delete this thread later due to outdated information but yeah

That's all, thanks :)

*Yes I know that the chat filter it provides can be easily bypassed but it still provides an extra layer of protection against WRD's filter, it's not perfect but it's working for the most part so I can't complain

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] VERY simple script cloud

You should come help out with ScriptSky, it'd also give you more knowledge in Python Webservers.

Replied to thread: [Final Design] - Final Book Cover Design.

Should I expect this in my local bookstore lmao

Replied to thread: The only bot better than WeAreDevs-Bot

That's the goal of it, but as of now for testing it's only programmed to respond to one term. Once I hook it up to a database or scanner API, it'll be much more functional.

Created a new thread: The only bot better than WeAreDevs-Bot

If you were in the chat today you probably know test_bot2, I've programmed this bot to basically be a chat moderator and if you say anything that's in its one word database of "bad" words, then it'll kindly tell you that you've said a "bad" word.


It's still work in progress but yeah I've created the first bot that's better than WeAreDevs-Bot lol


That's exactly why it won't get into the wrong hands, I was hesitant enough to show three lines of code

Created a new thread: I MADE A BOT FOR THE GLOBAL CHAT

Alright so today I decided to practice my web scraping skills and work with selenium and I decided to write a Python script to login to WRD and send messages in the chat




I'm still testing this but I'm pretty sure I'm opening the gate for actually useful WRD bots rather than advertisement bots

Here's a little snippet of the code, literally 3 lines (I don't want to show anything else of the source so people don't copy)


A message sent by my bot (two actually):


So I need to know: what should I make this bot do? And, should I open source it?


(im proud to be the first person to make a chat bot lol)


Replied to thread: [RELEASE] API For Creating Hastebin and Linkvertise Links

I'm glad I could be inspiration! Good job on this!

Replied to thread: Should I make a siggy for the "#rexiformod" thingy?


I'm quite curious, why, and who do you think would be a good mod for this community?

Replied to thread: [REL] A simple web server hosted on your WiFi


The code works but some of it just doesn't make sense to be using. Simply running the python file is usually easier than a longer command imo, it doesn't make sense to me as to why you would do that.


I'm not trying to argue but, for a Flask developer, this is basically a slightly overcomplicated Hello World script. The most basic project I've released was a password generator- and I believe I was only the second person to do so. Even such code serves a better purpose than this, no offense. If you want to contribute to the forum, create something with this and then release it. Releasing what is again essentially a slightly overcomplicated Hello World script isn't very beneficial to the forum.


Also, the Flask server and code itself is hosted on your local machine, not the WiFi. That is what I am referring to.