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Commented to thread : I made dis in like a 30 minute

fack you man you cancel the j spoit fack you I need it

Replied to thread : I made dis in like a 30 minute

is this real expoit???

Replied to thread : How do I link OAuth2 to an already create email and password account? (Node.js)

You'll need to build a custom integration to connect OAuth provider accounts with your regular email/password accounts, the OAuth providers themselves don't provide that functionality. OAuth providers only return specific credentials from the linked account on their service. One way to handle it, especially if you're using MongoDB for your database, is to create a collection just for OAuth credentials. You'd link those back to your regular accounts using something like a user ID. Make sure whatever you're using to link the OAuth creds to the user account won't change, for example don't use an email because that can change, whereas on most services a user ID or similar won't ever change. Same goes for the actual OAuth creds themselves, for example don't use a temporary auth token, or an email (unless specific cases where the provider doesn't allow users to change their email/whatever other info you use). Each OAuth provider does things a little differently, so you'll need to investigate what kind of data you can grab after a successful OAuth request (documentation moment). That's a basic rundown but yeah

Replied to thread : What happened to the website?

a lot of stuff happened

Created a new thread : Where did all the mods go

This forum is dead ofc but if you haven't noticed, take a look at any mods profile (even the oldest ones) and you'll notice they are no longer mod


Not sure what happened but yeah


Maybe this is the start of forum revive idk

Commented to thread : why are there ai bots on wrd?

The site did previously use ReCaptcha- it changed to Cloudflare during the second "gummy" incident. Along with that change, Jon introduced a few other security changes, but I suspect at the time he figured Cloudflare might work better than ReCaptcha. He wasn't wrong I suppose, because the attacks stopped shortly after. Of course, it's still bypassable, but not as vulnerable as it was before.


In any case I suspect that most of the "bots" plaguing this forum are not actually fully bots, but I'm not fully sure.


Regarding your comments on the future of this forum, while I agree the future of this forum is grim, I do not agree there is no point in using this forum anymore. This forum wasn't ever very large as a "community" (at least from what I can tell since my arrival) but it was large as a group of friends where nearly everyone knew each other and it was all-in-all a good time, of course excluding the drama. While a lot of people have moved on, this community will remain a place for many of us to continue communicating and building relationships in different ways, even if the forum has gotten smaller.

Replied to thread : How to bypass most ad systems.

I've developed a theoretically unbyassable Linkvertise system that could also technically be modified to work with as well, I'm not going to go over exactly how it works, but this system would mean the only way to "bypass" it would be to create a bot to complete the links for you. While these techniques you've linked may work on older key systems, it might not work on newer ones :)

Replied to thread : [Apology] No land for Ishanjit.

ok cool


 cotnent lefs must be 1000 feet tall

Replied to thread : since this forums is sh*t dead, im simplydev




cotent length must be h feet tall

Commented to thread : [QUESTION] Most reputable GTA Online cheats/mod menus

Stand is apparently detected and I also don't like how it's pricing is set up

Commented to thread : [QUESTION] Most reputable GTA Online cheats/mod menus

Stand is apparently detected and not only is 2take super expensive but apparently it also doesn't receive many updates?

Commented to thread : My Next Steps.

I can agree with most of what you've said up until the part where you talked about how people rise in this community. There are a handful of people including me who haven't really had a set enemy or even CW'ed anyone (unless you count my joke CW's and my Logang warning, someone who isn't even on this platform). Most reputation here isn't earned by CW'ing people, it's made by actually being active and contributing, because a lot of times to even properly make CW's you have to be closely involved with the community to figure things out and communicate proper evidence (unless you're making a sh*t CW). About the front page, do you expect them to advertise paid exploits? WRD has been for free reputable exploits the entire time, and in addition to that even beyond WRD essentially every free exploit has some system of generating income through ads. It's not anything specifically tied to WRD. There's not necessarily a lot of corruption in the moderation team but it's more of the fact it's run by mainly <18 year olds who occasionally mix their moderation abilities with their normal user abilities (which isn't everyone in the moderation team). But I do agree with your last paragraph.

Created a new thread : [QUESTION] Most reputable GTA Online cheats/mod menus

got into gta online frfr and looking for a good paid mod menu for it.


I was looking into 2take1 but I really don't want to pay multiple times to keep using it


so I also found Rebound but there's not a lot of information on it and it doesn't seem to ah e a super big rep except for peopel advertising it on YT for their third party resellers (likely scams) so idk about that one


anyone have some good recommendations?



I did buy Rebound and it is good and works 👍

Created a new thread : these bot threads are so annoying

mods pls become active again and fix it

Commented to thread : WHAT THE FVCK SYNAPSE?

@VisualPlugin there's reposts of it just search through doxbin