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Replied to thread : [REQ] Fix this aimbot

give me 5000 usd and i will

Created a new thread : Place Visits Bot Service

Place Visits Bot Service.


Available visits to buy:
500 Visits - 20 Robux; 1,000 Visits - 44 Robux; 1,500 Visits - 88 Robux; 2,000 Visits - 160 Robux

You must create/own 2 roblox games and create a localscript (once your game is botted with visits, you can remove the script) with our code in it. more information in our discord server:

Replied to thread : Simple anti afk script.

i wanna vomit

Replied to thread : krnl execute arsenal

thats sad bro..

Created a new thread : [for skids!!] jailbreak & more games walkspeed bypass!!!

getgenv().ws = 200 -- change this to whatever value u want

local getrawmetatable = getrawmetatable(game)
local oldIndex = getrawmetatable.__index
setreadonly(getrawmetatable, false)

getrawmetatable.__index = newcclosure(function(player, ws)
	if tostring(player) == "Humanoid" and tostring(ws) == "WalkSpeed" then
	return oldIndex(player, ws)

game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer.Character.Humanoid.WalkSpeed = getgenv().ws

setreadonly(getrawmetatable, true)

im bored


Replied to thread : get localplayers previous position..



you dont get what i want but ok

Replied to thread : get localplayers previous position..

nvm i figured it out

Created a new thread : get localplayers previous position..

after teleporting a player to a location, i want to teleport him back to his previous location but i cant figure out how to do it?

Replied to thread : Cool Intros | 40 Robux | 4K quality


nice iq dood, 50 cents so expensive

Created a new thread : Cool Intros | 40 Robux | 4K quality

If you own an executor or a script and want to make a cool showcase, then why not put an intro in it?

Showcase here!


You need to own a logo, and if you dont own a logo then i will just put text in it without anything else
(or i could make a logo?)



Payment methods:



Replied to thread : [release & open-src] r15 anim player

oh i also forgot to mention that when you ragdoll in ragdoll engine with an animation u will fall of the map

Created a new thread : [release & open-src] r15 anim player

Credits go to:

reestart ( for making the anim player.



made a gui version of this so it will be easier to use for newbies.

the anim player is frame based so i set the fps cap to 44 fps so you wont be extremely fast (you can change it.)
more advanced info in the script, and also other people can see this too.

Example Anim IDs:




Script Link:

loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()