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Make WRD Active Again - MWAA

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guys since exploiting is dead and it would be a shame for such a nice forum with a nice community crumble

why don't we make this into an actual community for devs, not focusing on exploiting? a lot of previous exploiters can program pretty well

and there aren't many good forums for devs online, mainly just discord communities

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bump /charssss

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i am going to colonize new zealand


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If you end up doing that I'll colonize your entire homeland

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"your code looks like a decompiled roblox script", - Whoman

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its time to let wrd rest in piss peace, theres no way this is ever gonna become a non exploiting site

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Did I mention I use arch btw?

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Yes i agree. This forum should just be for just developers and not just for exploiting.

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+100k Aura if you see this

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