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Commented to thread : (Probably annoying by now) std::cout or std::printf?

no, and i dont think i have to explain why

Replied to thread : Introducing LUNIR, the Lua IR

W thread brother, I'm glad we're gonna get more contributions from the community

Replied to thread : Is a good site for learning C++?

don't learn C++ in conjunction with reverse engineering. Learn C++ properly, then learn reverse engineering, most of these so called reverse engineers who "know" c++, really are just mediocre developers. is great for learning C++, then once you get more advanced you can move onto C++ books that teach advanced C++ concepts and practices. 

Commented to thread : How would i make a C++ cheat for roblox

C++ isn't the only language you can make roblox cheats in, if you really wnated to, you could make one in Python

Commented to thread : the situation.

0x90 left the team, i joined when he was still on it, the fact you were in the server had nothing to do with my activity there :skull: you're so delusional

Commented to thread : the situation.

u think i joined hydrogen discord because of you? i joined hydrogen because of 0x90 and compiledcode :skull: when i joined the discord you weren't even in the server LOL i've never seen someone more delusional

 "mentioned her university" lil bro all i did was make an insult ab how her uni degree isn't getting her anywhere, it's not like i went on a rant about how her uni sucks :skull:


ur the one who took the image so srsly u decided to spark an argument over it and even ur so called "toy" joined in :rofl:





Commented to thread : the situation.

 "because youre not big and i see you as that little annoying brother that cries at everything bad that has happened to him."

that's crazy because that's LITERALLY the #1 thing everyone dislikes you for :skull: crying at everything and anything and getting angry over nothing lmao, learn to control your anger issues lil boy, until then you should probably stick to being quiet. and when did i bring anya's life into my argument :skull: schizoid much? 


"I can really control my anger, as long as I am not ticked off by the same thing you guys have been sending for over months now"

I mean, if it granted a 7 day mute + this entire argument, yeah i'd say it still ticked u off lmao :skull:

you say top devs dislike me yet don't list any, and then proceed to ask me to list people that dislike you? treat people how u want to be treated, did ur parents never teach u that? they probably did but you were too angry at ryan for accidentally bumping into you to listen :skull:


bro said i haven't hit puberty yet still be taking edating seriously 


Commented to thread : the situation.

bro keeps calling me lil bro yet he's the one who can't control his anger :skull: dont know ab u but that sounds like child behavior, people don't like me for "acting mature", they simply don't because when they talk about things they don't know about, i'll call them out, then they get angry and call me annoying and egotistical :shrug: i couldn't care less.

I chose programming because it's something I'm good at, not to annoy people lmao idk where u got that from.


also what negative opinions are you even talking about? huh?

"my lil bro, you got bullied for many months by me," ????????????????????????????????????????'

when did you ever in any sort of way even come close to "bullying me", this entire time I've been seeing dozens of people clown on you for being stupid and unable to control your anger, and your condescending "lil bro" to try and establish dominance isn't working :skull: same way it didn't work with anya.


you're still the clown you always were LOL

Commented to thread : the situation.

@Lunox how is it not advertising? and how did you not know the guy was accused of pedophilia? literally impossible unless you went in completely blind. either way, you still did it. 

Commented to thread : the situation.

@Rexi, "that mute reason was just a meme" yeah sure it was, you totally didn't just try to find any rule to mute me lol

"being annoying" -> posted 1 meme picture

its ok when u say you were just memeing but when i do it it's an issue?

also my reps are from me telling people who think they're smart that they arent, you'll also see a bunch of + reps lmao



i dont know what's wrong with you either, you edated a random girl, made your entire personality and profile about her, then she left you for a pedo then suddenly she "was just a toy" :sob:


you're such a clown it's insane, and that dogs*it luau suggestion you made, you tried defending it and after getting defeated you proceeded to say it was just a meme. clearly you have a record of excusing your idiocy with "memes", tbh if i kept saying dumb things and getting bullied for it i'd try to say it was a meme too lmao

Commented to thread : the situation.

well I can't relate because my C++ tutorials were top tier, I have taught a many people in this community many things. :pray:

sadly I have also had to teach people here who are seen as knowledgeable and intelligent multiple things, due to the fact that they simply get a lot of information wrong and I end up having to make sure that the correct info is spread.

Commented to thread : the situation.

u muted me in hydrogen for a week for "posting private/sensitive info", i wonder what private/sensitive info that screenshot is giving out? because literally the first 3 screenshots are 1. u claiming ur egirl 2. u telling someone in a public server anyone can join not to flirt with ur egirl 3. your literal discord profile


the other 2 are 1. your girl advertiisng sirhurt 2. u literally talking in the hydrogen discord server ( the same one u muted me in ).


so yes, rightfully i wanted to ask u how u found that mute justifiable. plus u blocked me for bullying u 2 hard so :shrug:


anyway u keep getting goofier and goofier, idk whats wrong w u

Replied to thread : the situation.

Created a new thread : Caller mutation library (?)

I may write a caller mutation library based off my caller mutation repository, extending it immensely.

The code will have immense commenting and explanations, allowing for an explanatory read and easy processing.


It will be written in C++ and in case I end up writing it I'll make a lengthy thread about it providing explanations and information.

This all depends on how this thread is recieved, if you are interested in this, let me know here, I don't want to write this just for nobody to read it.

Commented to thread : [REL] CLIPBOARD FUNCTIONS!

No buffer overflow would occur here because there is no data to be written to the buffer that exceeds its capacity.

The length of the data we have is 13 bytes, the buffer size is 100 bytes, so there will be an extra 87 bytes which will not be written to under any circumstance in that code, so there is no buffer overflow, nor is there any reason to mention it. You are correct in making the buffer size and the string length the same, but talking about overflows in this case is unnecessary at best.