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Created a new thread : Becomming clean and addresing the things ive done

So i dont wanna hide anymore who i am and who i was i have many cws agianst me for scamming im known as 

Mayais the name and nexus etc..

so let me start Dear Wrd Community,

I am here to apoloize for all my acctions scamming and having an big ego  fully understand that what I did was completely wrong,

take full responsibility for my behavior and I realize that i wont be accepted back, disappointment, and lack of trust that I have caused among the community members. and server executor owners I want to assure all of you that I have acknowledged my mistakes and I am committed to making things right. I am trying my best to change my ways and become a more responsible and trustworthy member of this community i havent scammed since 3 months and i am not planning to anymore i want to turn my life around.I know that rebuilding trust won't be easy, but I am ready to put in the necessary effort to regain your trust. I am willing to answer any questions, provide compensation to those affected, and actively contribute to the community in a positive and honest manner. -Cr4Zed / ( .iivillian on discord )



Created a new thread : Rate my windows ui

i didnt sleep all day for that..


here another one 45de3653f3.png (692×452) (

Replied to thread : Windowsforms Ui

Created a new thread : Windowsforms Ui

Nothing special js a simple ui ig? was made in under 5 minutes 

Replied to thread : [CW] Sirweeb - Skidding, questionable code

i dont have anything agianst sir web or the guy who cwed him if he uses chat gbt wich is an free tool who provides you codes i dont think it is " skidded " skidded means stolen for someone if it would be " stealing " wich he says chat gbt wouldnt provide the code and since they are online they are ( opensourced ) wich means the public can acces it or use it without any credits.

please tell me if im wrong i dont have anything agianst opensourced codes if they would have been stolen of another exploit or stolen by cracking an exploit it would have benn a valid reason to cw Sir web

Created a new thread : Our friend Lux14

Dear Community of Wearedevs

I stand before you today with a heavy heart to honor the memory of my dear friend Lux14 knows as ibrahim Lux was a kind and compassionate guy who touched the lives of everyone he met he did bad things everyone knows. He had a contagious smile a heart full of love and a unique perspective on life that made him stand out from the crowd.

But despite alllof this Lux struggled with his mental health He he had a fight depression and anxiety and unfortunately it became too much for him to withstand breaks my heart to say that Lux took his own life leaving a void in our hearts that can never be filled

I miss him terribly I miss his laughter our chat when he helped me , his endless generosity, and his unwavering supportnI miss his unique perspective on life and the way he could always find the fix in any situation I miss his loyalty and his willingness to go above and beyond for those he loved

But as much as I miss him I know that Lux's legacy lives on he is a legend He may not be with us in person but his impact on our lives will never fade. He taught us the value of kindness, compassion, and unconditional love. He showed us that even in our darkest moments, there is always hope he helped me when i was down.

So let us honor Lux's memory by spreading kindness wherever we go Let us be there for each other in times of need, and let us never forget the power of a simple act of kindness. Let us also use this opportunity to raise awareness about mental health and the importance of seeking help when we need it.

please if anyone experiences anything feel free to dm me my discord is : Deleted User fc8b7827#1967

Replied to thread : Is Hyperion the only working Pc exploit?

please i didnt understand a single word that you have said

please in english


Replied to thread : Is Hyperion the only working Pc exploit?

The hyperion made by a known scammer i dont care if he is one but ( i dont support it ) stilli looked at his source nothing is skkidded  just a little bit of rework is needed and its messy but still has got 100% in unc 

Replied to thread : Is Hyperion the only working Pc exploit?

No im not talking about the hyperion you mean but there is another one aswell for pc and mobile

Created a new thread : Is Hyperion the only working Pc exploit?

is hyperion the only working executor me as the best friend of the owner has got the exploit sended in dms ( i wanna share it but i cant since it isnt obfuscated ) and obfuscation would fxck everything up since its a solo exploit since it uses a clvm i think that why it works but sometimes roblox just carhes while injecting and hyperion says error 921 ! 

Replied to thread : [REL] CLIPBOARD FUNCTIONS!



  1. try to Use consistent variable naming conventions as an example start variable names with a lowercase letter should be better
  2. Check the return value of setclipboardx to handle errors properly
  3. Use the type function to check the type of the variable not the type of an literal string

Replied to thread : [REL] CLIPBOARD FUNCTIONS!

so there are things you can do better 


  1. Use smart pointers instead of raw pointers to avoid memory leaks thats pain in the ass
  2. Use a constant or a variable for the string length instead of a hardcoded value.
  3. Check the return values of the Win32 API functions to handle errors properly
  4. and use this code
  5. int setclipboard(const char* str) { if (!OpenClipboard(nullptr)) return 1; EmptyClipboard(); const size_t len = strlen(str) + 1; HGLOBAL hMem = GlobalAlloc(GMEM_MOVEABLE, len); if (!hMem) { CloseClipboard(); return 1; } char* clipme = static_cast<char*>(GlobalLock(hMem)); if (!clipme) { GlobalFree(hMem); CloseClipboard(); return 1; } memcpy(clipme, str, len); GlobalUnlock(hMem); if (!SetClipboardData(CF_TEXT, hMem)) { GlobalFree(hMem); CloseClipboard(); return 1; } CloseClipboard(); return 0; }

Replied to thread : are there any good android devs?

@Direct_Scripts, a roblox mobile executor