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Replied to thread: (SMM Panel) รขโ‚ฌโ€ SMM Service Reseller / 60+ Social Media

OnlyFans botting is quite honestly crazy ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€

Replied to thread: jjsploit not working for 3 days

"jjsploit no workie"


"re-install jjsploit"


Its getting very repetitive

Replied to thread: [REL] FiveDuels Script

Lmao, i'll just take advantage of my protonvpn premium and use that


Replied to thread: JJ Sploit Ban Detected

@Haruka, They're referencing an anti-cheat detection ban, which only bans the Roblox account temporarily.

Replied to thread: JJ Sploit Ban Detected

From what I have seen and heard, this occurs on most free exploits that are publicly avaiable.

If you want to avoid bans like these, I'd suggest getting an exploit like Script-Ware, or Synapse X, if you for any reason don't feel like paying for an exploit, I'd suggest having several alts that you can switch to in-case if you account ends up banned.


FYI: These exploit bans last from 1-3 days from what I know.



Replied to thread: [BUG] Searching Non-Existent Users Produces 400 error

@Hahahishaanjewt, Keep off WRD.

Replied to thread: are you a MUNCH?

no lol, ratio + yeat better

Replied to thread: Should i buy sirhurt?



- maybe cause synapse isnt "insecure" at all??? LMAO, and it doesnt change the fact that you used MD5, Synapse didn't.

- saying "it wasn't me" will not prove you innocent at all, also nobody has access to your Discord account.

- Quit trying to point fingers for a minor mistake a mega-corp (discord) made.


Replied to thread: New Account


i think you were using the hard-r against protected groups ykykykyky


Replied to thread: Can an Intel Core i5-6300U upgrade to Windows 11?

Windows 11 will run just fine with those specs. I would expect lag at some point though.

Replied to thread: $5 WRD API REMOVE WATER MARK

lol stop being a skid xd lmao xd (again) lmao part 2

Created a new thread: Add a music section

The title explains it. It's a place for us to post:
- Album leaks/song leaks

- Sneak peeks

- ETC.

Replied to thread: dewadewadeawdewa

were making it outta the hood with these kind of graphics!

Created a new thread: Yeat's New Album Leak

Hello, I decided to leak Yeat's brand new album a day before its release (๐Ÿ’€)
Afterlyfe - Yeat





Add a music section please


(I also fixed the link)



Replied to thread: [question] Feature's

provide a 268 bypass if velvet ever gets detected