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Replied to thread : [CW] DINGLEBERRY | SCAMMING


(he indeed is not getting his money back)

Replied to thread : Best FE Admin command Script?


Replied to thread : [2ND CW] - Kiwixcoke | The Entire Situation Got Worse

this feels like its just targeted.

2 CW's in a row on OP account specifically against the same exact person.




Replied to thread : my schools might take are school computers back for the summer

you're borrowing school property when you're taking your school laptop to your house. (Unless they're planning on decommissioning and giving the laptop away)

Replied to thread : Paywithmoon Alternative

whats the point in this??

Replied to thread : Best remote job suggestions, No Experience, Under 18

fiverr, you can start by:
writing resumes using AI

Replied to thread : Selling/Turkish VCC method (GET EVERYTHING CHEAPER)

bad thread. This is literally a method my friend knows, why sell something thats obviously something you found within a singular google search.

Replied to thread : [CW] Kiwixcoke - Extortion/False Striking

ok lol.



i dont really have much to say.

Commented to thread : CW - AETHERON SKID MEGA RACIST

@Shjames @Shjamesx i dont care wether or not im a "developer".

Replied to thread : wet and sweaty socks

i got wet socks cause i fell into a pool while cleaning one. at least my phone wasnt in my pocket and i knew how to swim.

Commented to thread : CW - AETHERON SKID MEGA RACIST


i had like three seizures, five concussions reading that