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Replied to thread: What do I do does anyone have a file i can use to get jjsploit???????

Replace the exploit-main.dll file with:

Replied to thread: any windows 11 exploits?

'Only with Krnl'.


I used JJSploit until summer of last year.  I migrated to a command-line tool I made myself which also uses the same exploit API.

Replied to thread: The only bot better than WeAreDevs-Bot

In her world-view, WeAreDevs is a development forum which doesn't condone JJSploit or other exploit tools.  Nonetheless, Synapse X is one of WeAreDevs' 'main tools', which according to her, we don't condone either.

Replied to thread: Introducing test_bot2

Why does test_bot2 keep falling for my traps?

Replied to thread: 268 error in Blox Fruits

Update: no 268 error as of 2023-01-20's version.

Replied to thread: We're taking over Synapse X (they can't stop us all)


I rise higher.  For this reason, I contributed quite a bit to the diatribe. 

Replied to thread: how long does a krnl key expire

Keys are per IP address and last 24 hours.

Replied to thread: [CRITICAL] WeAreDevs exploit DLL unable to download



I'm curious to know: why did you skip "finjVersion": 69 (nice)?

Created a new thread: [CRITICAL] WeAreDevs exploit DLL unable to download

Outdated as of 07:09 UTC.


The library files which we use to exploit are usually on Discord.  According to the latest data (, it should be up.  However, if you attempt to download exploit-main.dll, it will fail.  I suspect Discord deleted it soon after it got released.  Please move the necessary executables to the WeAreDevs CDN. 

Replied to thread: Discord server JJSploit

I agree.  However, there are a few negatives:


  1. Discord won't take kindly to a server dedicated to exploiting.
  2. WeAreDevs will have less control over the Discord server than they have over their own forum site.
  3. CAPTCHA is a thing here.


I think the better solution for this case is to indicate how far the next patch is complete within the JJSploit server message (i.e. each time you open JJSploit up).

Replied to thread: Learning C++ to make my own exploit. What else do i need to know?


I made and regularly use my own command-line interface built off WeAreDevs' API.  I completely agree with your point.


Making the injector itself (i.e. W.R.D.'s exploit-main.dll) and the interface which users will use (i.e. JJSploit) are two different things.  The U.I. is the easier one to master.


Most experienced programmers, if given the option between a G.U.I. and a terminal interface, will choose to work with the command line.  This saves on having to switch between mouse and keyboard.  However, I see something even more important.  It's far easier to generate commands using a third-party program and run it on your terminal than it is to engineer a system which moves your mouse to certain buttons and try the best it can to click them correctly.

Created a new thread: W.R.D. just got unpatched. 268?

It's unpatched!


It helps to alert other users if we should exploit using WeAreDevs' A.P.I. again. 

Replied to thread: finj5.exe issue

I don't recommend using the WeAreDevs API at this time.  Rōblox automatically kicks you after <15 minutes.  If you want to download it for yourself, check out "" and look for the URL that corresponds to "qdRFzx_exe".

Replied to thread: Roblox code error 268

All I could say is to migrate to Krnl or Comet until the issue gets fixed.  Check the forum on Friday nights (or Saturday morning) and if people stop complaining about getting 268'd, it works.


Check this link often to see if any fixes take place after today (the 18th):