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Im not really active anymore, so alot of my information isnt updated.


This acc is inactive although i log in once in a while, snap; shane.atx


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Replied to thread : SirHurt | Cheap ROBUX A/T & Script Executor | Lifetime 10$ | Service since 2015

all these exploits but theyre just not her 😔😔

Replied to thread : Executor tryout

@VoidableMethod Remind me when I "hated" on you

Replied to thread : Running out of motivation, how can I get it back?

@Syraxes_ Nope discovered weed a while back but I applaud you for accuracy

Replied to thread : Executor tryout

@VoidableMethod Stop it's Caramel not Carmel and before you say Carmel can be used as a name, the entire theme of your exploit is the candy

Created a new thread : Running out of motivation, how can I get it back?

So, recently I've started having a better life. I go out almost every day for hours at a time and explore downtown in my city (I live in a big city so its really fun), I spend hours a day with my friends after school. But with such an eventful life im losing motivation and time to keep coding. I don't want to keep coding in order to make money, I don't do it for the money and I never did. But since I'm in a big city the tech jobs pay really well ($100k+ USD a year). I don't know if I should care about my career yet, as I'm still in middle school, but at the same time I want to continue to code to pave my future.


How can I regain the motiviation I used to have?


(Note: This isn't a "quit" message, I don't have intent of leaving the community, I just have less time to be in it.) 

Replied to thread : pls send cat pic

My mom wont let me get a cat

Replied to thread : [free] grafick design

@_realnickk When did homos*xual teenagers start having babys?

Created a new thread : done loading ("The Batman", 2022 lure)

So for anyone whos watched the new Batman movie, or is just following the lure, the website that The Riddler used ( had been "loading" for about a week (example:, taken from archive:


Well, it's finally stopped loading.


The following has been displayed. 


As to what he means "my new friend" is unknown as far as I know, but the reward has the following files:



If you would like to see the files, you can download the reward at




If there are any more major updates, I'll create a new thread

Replied to thread : (Rate) Static V2 UI

@SeizureSalad Actually not me

Replied to thread : [FREE] free siggys

make me one since ive known you for a while and have no other reasoning

Replied to thread : How to get Github's Student Developer Pack

Mfw my school email blocked GitHub

Replied to thread : The Russian-Ukrainian Conflict

And Biden is stupid enough to say the U.S may get involved.