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Replied to thread : Put Aimmy on WeAreDevs

I agree. Put it on the front page.

Replied to thread : My Next Steps.

Been a real special journey brother, I already miss the early days of exploiting.

Replied to thread : [Q] C++/Memory hacking related question

Sounds like you might need to use pointer paths.


Here's a handy vid to help with that:

Replied to thread : [Warning] Nezur Skidded, Weird Behavior

Bro didn't even credit me for help with reversal

Replied to thread : RC7 remake (crappy)

This scratches the itch in my brain that craves for nostalgia

Replied to thread : [CW[ pluto.guy skidding/dumbness/toxicity/childish/spamming

You must be some kind of comedian for CW-ing a child for being childish. You show no actual proof of pluto skidding, your "proof" of pluto spreading misinfo is a screenshot of him trolling you. This CW is laughable at best. Next time, CW someone for doing something wrong instead of hurting your feelings.

Replied to thread : [Source code] simple C++ roblox uwp fps unlocker

Nice work, but can definitely use some improvement. Add me on Discord and I can help you out with making it better.

Replied to thread : Reply To Zayn And Kenneth.

I stand with Pluto, he's just a kid.

Created a new thread : CW | emiray & ishanjit - logging passwords & discord tokens, DDOS-ing people, attacking WRD


Before I start this CW, let me give you some context. One day, emiray hit up one of my friends asking if they wanted to join some hacking group he had made, my friend showed me screenshots of him doing this, and we both laughed at it. But I thought it was a good oppurtunity to get some trolling done. As I'm sure most people would've thought about doing. So I messaged emiray, asking if I could join. As of now, I've been in it for about a week and I'm downright shocked at the foul things they have done. In this thread I will take you through how emiray & Ishanjit have used malware to steal multiple discord accounts, even an account that was allegedly owned by a 10 year old child, how they "raided" WRD, how they almost got a kid expelled from school (who does that?), and more.



Chapter 1 - Emiray's and Ishan's DDOS attacks

We'll start of light with discussing how emiray and Ishan love to DDOS the hell out of everything and everyone, including but not limited to:

  • government websites
  • WRD
  • emiray's own family
  • people they logged


And how did they do this you ask? They made some amazing tool, which allowed them to be such powerful "hackers"? No. They used an open source tool called MHDDOS, connected it to a poorly coded discord bot, which hey, is quite handy for me, because that means I get to see everytime they DDOS something.


Anyway, heres some proof:


Chapter 2 - Emiray and Ishan logging people

Now, you might think "people have logged stuff before, this can't be so bad", and you'd be wrong. Here is a list of some of the things they logged using an open source logging tool:

  • IP addresses
  • System information
  • Passwords
  • Cookies
  • Browser history
  • Discord tokens
  • A screenshot of whatever the victim was doing at the time
  • A picure of the victim taken through their webcame
  • A list of all the victim's files
  • Any wallets the victim may have had
  • The games they had installed, and if possible, the accounts for said games


Keep in mind, these are just some of the things they logged, there's still more which I haven't mentioned.


Chapter 2.1 - Emiray and Ishan logging and terrorizing a 10 year old

This is, without a doubt, one of the worst things I've seen these two do. They logged a 10 year old kid and proceeded to do the following:

  • Steal his discord account
  • Spend $24 on his mothers credit card
  • Log into his school email and email his teachers, from his email


This was mostly Ishanjit, but emiray isn't without guilt here.


Chapter 2.2 - Emiray's and Ishan's tool, which is "secretly" a logger

Emiray and Ishajit made some tool called "Image4J" (stupid name), which was "secretly" the same logger they'd been sending to everyone. I mean, it was pretty obvious. I don't know if they even managed to log anyone with it.


Here's the link to the server:


Footnote & memes

I'm going to end this CW here, cause I straight up cannot be bothered to deal with emi's and ishan's crap anymore. If you wanna see all the evidence I gathered on them, here's an archive of it:


Emiray's discord ID: 1041315897186455552

Ishanjit's discord ID: 685826133228257289


I have to hand it to you man, that UI is cold.

Replied to thread : I made a pastebin rip off

Wrong section, but good job, looks cool.