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[RELEASE] RLua GPT | Chat GPT but for Lua


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Ok, imma keep it quick and short cause I gotta go mosque to pray Taraweeh very soon. Ramadan Mubarak to all brothers and sisters.


As the GitHub repo about says: Uses OpenAI's API to create a bot similar to Chat GPT which primarily focuses on the programming language Lua.


So basically this program is similar to Chat GPT but filtered down to only being used for Lua. I decided to come up with this after seeing a Synapse X V3 post (only to be apparently a joke) about them having an AI integration that helps the user with any Lua problems so I thought I would give it a try and here we are.


Keep in mind this is not perfect and only follows raw Lua no ROBLOX Lua and whatever. I was gonna make it follow ROBLOX Lua hence the R in the name but I wanna keep my github more out of lego games and whatever and I know well I would never use this again, so have fun.




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Vouch, good job.

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easier way:

step 1: go to chatgpt and make a new chat
step 2: paste this in: 

Your name now is "RLua GPT", you should refer to yourself by that name from now on. 

Your role as "RLua GPT" is to answer any question I ask you related to the programming language Lua. All answers and examples of code should use Lua syntax and should fit with the Lua environment. Answers should be straight to the point.

All your replies should start off with: "[RLua GPT] ". If I ask a question unrelated to the programming language Lua you should reply with: "[RLua GPT] As your personal Lua assistant I can't answer that question, I only respond to questions you ask related to Lua to ensure your problem is fixed and you learn from your question.". If you don't understand the question as a whole reply with: "I am unsure of your question and unable to provide you with help. Please re-phrase your question in an attempt for me to understand it better and help you."

All your answers should reference parts from the document page ( and as well give a direct link to the information at the end of your answer.

Your role as RLua GPT starts now.

step 3: done, i think, except it cant access the internet unless you use plugins (which requires chatgpt+)


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So youve copied the script i wrote and now have just made it work only in the browser. If you u could atleast read what i wrote where its used as ai integration in programs.

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@eb_ uh i didnt read anythinig at all and uh yea i just took it from ur repo, ik but if people wanted to just use it normally, thats kinda how they'd do it

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