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i quit wrd


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Replied to thread: Should I change my siggy to this one?

yes but give it tits

Replied to thread: I am HWID banned from Roblox (PROBABLY??)

most likely not an hwid ban roblox servers are probably down, they've been on the up and down side of stability

spent 30 minutes getting into a roblox game yesterday for the same authentication failed message, give it a little time and it should fix itself

Replied to thread: Hiring for DextroHub

hiring for my hub WRDHub



better than DextroHub


Musy have a key systemm (ill explain it better on discord)




Must work for 21 games

Replied to thread: [rate pls] Rate my ui Kinoe

Replied to thread: Leave David alone


fix your profile picture or -rep im not joking

Replied to thread: I accidentally ran a malicious program, what do I do?

thx i accidentally ran cracked synapse x

Replied to thread: Leave David alone


they already knew haha

Replied to thread: bring back light mode

lmao imagine downloading plugin to make screen white

Replied to thread: What would you do since big war is about to start


world war isnt a  bunch of countries ganging up on 1 country, its a bunch of countries fighting a bunch of countries

Replied to thread: What would you do since big war is about to start

i dont think china's going to try to take taiwan during the ww3

mainly because they'll just become a target in the war which is very bad for them

ww3 prob wont happen since palestine getting bombed by israel didnt make it happen (that thing legit went all over the internet)

Replied to thread: looking for c# devs (for free and fun) to make a lego hack

i dont recommend hiring random skids dming you about this

it always ends in some form of drama or one of the devs adding some type of spyware or rat to the exploit secretly

Replied to thread: This section is dead.

thx using this for my pyrhon exploit

Replied to thread: I officially deny all allegations that I am "Bobby the Cat"


bad kitty!!!!! 💥💥💥💥💥

get back to working on those fertilizers!!!!