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Created a new thread: JJSploit Unstable and Needs work.

I've been using JJSploit for a while and recently, especially with the 268 detection and the bans that were going on without any response made from developers, JJSploit has become very painful to use. After the recent update I can't even play for 2 mins running a script before roblox crashes and freezes. The only way to close it is to use Task manager. I'm quite dissapointed as this used to be quite a good exploit. I hope the devs will fix this soon. If not then the best free exploit will no longer be the best, let alone a good exploit.

Update: Still not going great but I've realised something. While playing with a friend of mine, both of us using JJs, we both crashed at the exact same time and I'm wondering if that could be caused by something serverside? We are using a custom script for jailbreak.

Replied to thread: Roblox quitting after injecting the exploit

I'm not sure but it could be a mediocre anti-ban mechanism. JJs has been detectable for the past week so im not super confident with using it. I recommend using an alt acc or a diffrent exploit until there is a comfirmed fix.

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Gosh... this is just concerning.

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So far all of the advice seems pretty good, especially @RealNickk 's. My added peace of advice is to just not freak out too much and be calm. Let her know that you are there for her and will support her. Online relationships arent a great idea and depending on age can be really not helpful and need a good level of emotional maturity. But just let her know that you are there for her. Times like this are tough, you need to push through them, and so does she.

Replied to thread: JJ Sploit Ban Detected

It seems they've stopped the bans but it is still detected. Ive been using an alt account and after killing the second process I can use it for up to 30 mins but then I get 268. The HWID ban lasts only an hour though as does the 268 error. So if you were banned before you could make an alt but you'd still have to wait an hour. 

Replied to thread: jjsploits is detectable

Ayo can the devs please be speedy. Its been like this for like 3 days now. You havent even been putting a warning on JJSploit which should be done. Please do something soon.

Replied to thread: jjsploit not injecting

It's most likely the software isn't up to date. It's not worth trying to get it to work yet anyway, the exploit is currently detected so we have to wait for the devs to fix it.

Replied to thread: error code 268

When you download your exploit you should be aware of the risks and accept them. The devs do what they can, creating and maintaining an exploit is hard work.

Replied to thread: error code 268

JJs is now detectable unfortunately so we have to wait for the devs to fix it. As for the .rar files, they are WinRAR files - essentially a different way of zipping or compressing files. Just get Winrar to unzip them, I'll leave a link below. Hope this helps!


WinRAR Download - https://www.win-rar.com/download.html?&L=0

Replied to thread: Crash On Inject

Can you tell me your hardware specs? Thanks. There could be some issue with dependencies, have you tried reinstalling your exploit?

Replied to thread: Kicked due to unexpected client behavior

Yeah, seems to be happening to a lot of people. I think we just have to wait for the devs to update their API again.

Replied to thread: jjsploit not injecting

Make sure your in a game. This happened to me but it usually goes away when your in a game, its probably better to attatch while in the game too.

Replied to thread: Problem with injection

Devs would have been fixing the API because of the weekly rbx update, just hold tight when this happens :)

Replied to thread: JJ Sploit Ban Detected

Yeah, I just got banned for a day. Very annoying, Is JJSploit partly patched with the new update? Maybe devs need to do something, if your reading this and are gonna play maybe hold off until something changes or it says working since a day after march 2.