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JJSploit Unstable and Needs work.



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I've been using JJSploit for a while and recently, especially with the 268 detection and the bans that were going on without any response made from developers, JJSploit has become very painful to use. After the recent update I can't even play for 2 mins running a script before roblox crashes and freezes. The only way to close it is to use Task manager. I'm quite dissapointed as this used to be quite a good exploit. I hope the devs will fix this soon. If not then the best free exploit will no longer be the best, let alone a good exploit.

Update: Still not going great but I've realised something. While playing with a friend of mine, both of us using JJs, we both crashed at the exact same time and I'm wondering if that could be caused by something serverside? We are using a custom script for jailbreak.

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Is it just me or does life suck sometimes?

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when jjsploit is down, download/update krnl at if krnl is down, then vice versa.

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