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How to make a annoucument for my exploit update?



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Hello, guys I'm creating my first exploit how can I make an announcement when there is an update for my exploit? for example: when the comet gets updated it says the version is outdated please update so how can I do it?

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First you need a simple way to host plain text and have the ability to edit it. In your program you can use Webclient to constantly grab your newest version which you constantly update on the plain text hosting site. After it gets the string online, you can compare it with the string that is stored locally inside your program. The string in the program will note the program's version, and you'll have to change it everytime there is an update for your exploit, unless you want it to loop constantly. If they mismatch, you can use a if-then statement, then you can make it show an element that you want to use to announce your users by visibility or opacity, or you can make a text change or simply use MessageBox.

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Easy using a github raw and Form1_Load / MainWindow_Load

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