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How to update roblox exploit bootstrapper 's zip file?



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hello, I want to make an exploit but I don't know much about Bootstrapper so if I want to update my exploit how can I change the zip file in the bootstrapper?

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use logic, simple


ok ill explain how to do it


use something like a pastebin or github, and make a text file in that github, then put the raw download link to that file in that text file, then use the webclient or httpclient to get the download link from that text file and download it


ask chatgpt for the code if you want

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damn i can help you


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Oh ok, thanks so can you tell me Fluxus dll? I finished UI but I can't find the DLL


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Fluxus dll is currently private. You can't use that, you need to ask fluxus owners for it

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Just as @TERIHAX said, you gotta do it in that method, which is the simplest for me I guess.


Yeah, I don't really have many answers to this, maybe listen to @mcdonaghethan instead.


But you'll find the correct answer eventually!

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