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Advanced Scripter in Lua.


Hey! You can just call me Frosty. I am a programmer, and I am currently still learning C++.




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Created a new thread : Slap battles eternal bob script

Eternal Hub


It currently supports 2 games: Nova Hotels and Slap Battles (bob boss fight)


I'll be adding more soon! (btw currently working on making it support the main game of Slap Battles)


Thanks for reading!


More info

Replied to thread : Rate my WPF UI (Not finished)

To be honest, I got to give it a 7/10. I mean the icons are cool. I like the modern UI kind of style. But it feels like there is something missing. And to me, the theme color doesn't look really great. 


But don't take this seriously, The UI is actually great. It's just some things missing that's all.

Commented to thread : LaunchExploit(); Not working

@Pluto_Guy You're actually right

Created a new thread : Need help with learning how to make a Roblox dll!

Could anyone send me tutorials that teach me how to make a Roblox DLL, it can be a video, website just anything that helps!


Those of you who know tutorials about this, please reply on this thread as that will help me a bunch!

Commented to thread : fake synapse dex

thanks for that

Replied to thread : [BETA RELEASE] ASPURE X - Multi API, Keyless Executor & More

I'm sorry, but to be honest. I wouldn't pay for that UI if I were you!

Replied to thread : [BUG] Shows comet android and brings you to a page that does not exist

I don't think Comet has a working android app right now

Replied to thread : Kato API site not working

Kato API is discontinued, and wouldn't work even if you got it due to Roblox Byfron being released in the Roblox Windows Client.

Replied to thread : [Question] Enhancing my knowledge

So you wanna get better at C#?


Here are some videos I got for you:

Video 1

Video 2


Here are some links I got for you on learning C#:

Link 1

Link 2


I am really sorry if this didn't help a lot!!

Replied to thread : Best Windows 10 Version for UWP App?

You would probably have to go to the oldest windows 10 version since there are a lot of users still using it due to old PC hardware.


But that's just my opinion, or you could just do the latest/recommended one.


I'm sorry if my answer was not enough for you @TERIHAX

Replied to thread : How to update roblox exploit bootstrapper 's zip file?

Just as @TERIHAX said, you gotta do it in that method, which is the simplest for me I guess.


Yeah, I don't really have many answers to this, maybe listen to @mcdonaghethan instead.


But you'll find the correct answer eventually!

Replied to thread : [RATE] WEBSITE

Okay, so heres my feedback:


Position the images/buttons correctly.


Make it have a pattern in the background or something.


Add in a Discord server invite or whatever


Last but not least, do NOT make the website empty. At least for me it feels kind of empty, try adding in some stuff!

Commented to thread : Why you should switch to Delta NOW

@Delta The injection is really good and fast, and I like the fact it doesn't have a key system. Might get to using this in the meantime!