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how to find this... addresses...

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so, to find "luavm_load_hashcheck_hook" and "luavm_load_bytecode_hook" I need to reverse the luavm_load. so i make this and... idk where it located. can somebody say me, where is located it in luavm_load?

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You want to find the Hooks of LuaVM_Load? Just decompile it and go through it

hecker dude ngl i hecked 5 ips in 1 second also luaU_loadbiglongjuicythingy(rL);


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I stg every time I read ur messages I get brain leak. for OP you want to find the luavm::load function which is pretty easy to find. I don't know what garbage source you're using but it sounds really jank and u should stop using it lol. You can find all these checks if you do some basic rev, they are all located in the same func. They are pretty obvious if you are an experienced reverser, if you look for a function with the constant "42" in it then that's their hash function, then u just check the if statement which compares against with the script hash. Add a nop or a jmp and ur good. If you were just pasting then this is worthless to you, and you won't succeed by being a moron. I know you're pasting so you are a moron. You won't get better if you aren't practicing yourself but knowing how to reverse engineer is the most important. The string "pairs" will bring you to the caller of the function you want, a couple subroutines below. If you don't learn to reverse you can't make anything

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this is from my source, and you dont need to find these addresses as i already update them weekly

learn how it works, then make your own exploit from scratch

also please dont use this execution method in a real exploit

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