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Replied to thread : I need Help with parex webviewapi

@B00M, What when was u begging i have my own tabs I said paste a download so people can use it i was not talking about me

Replied to thread : Should I release an Open-Source Tab System

@B00M, if you said "Open Source" then ware is the download for the people who want it

Replied to thread : I need Help with parex webviewapi

@tempegoreng, well send me something that would execute the tab


Created a new thread : I need Help with parex webviewapi

i need help making an execute button for parex webviewapi for Monaco WPF for tabs bit i do not understand please help me 


private void Execute_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)


        TabItem selectedTab = tabcontrol.SelectedItem as TabItem;

WebView2 webView = selectedTab.Content as WebView2;

//sendtext function here



then my code to setup the texteditor for the tabs 


public WebViewAPI GetViewAPI()


return tabcontrol.SelectedContent as WebViewAPI;



I just want to sendtext from the selected tab

Replied to thread : [Showcase] Axon Updated

Yes what a random W

Created a new thread : Jailbreak cash duper

how would i make a cash duper for jailbreak to spawn cash that you can pick up

Replied to thread : Flame Sploit

lets face it becuse of the logger friend it gone down hill for you not being mean or anything in just saying that you should have not been friends with the logger 



that looks on but lets make it look more modern 2.5/10

Replied to thread : Rate my Windwsform Ui

this is a 1/10 please learn WPF then it would look better

Replied to thread : [Semi-CW] GRP and his skidding

@GRP_OFFICIAL, well i know this post maybe old but u cant get out of this one

Replied to thread : [Cw] Alezia Exploit | Skidding, Malicious Content

no why im happy i did not download this 


-- Surefire Founder

Created a new thread : Rate the new Surefire UI

rate 1/10 i made it mire darker for the people that dont sleep at all

Replied to thread : Monaco/Ace editor tabs

@atariXD, lol


Replied to thread : Monaco/Ace editor tabs

@atariXD, lol do u need help

Replied to thread : Monaco/Ace editor tabs

@0x777_, Not for new people

Created a new thread : Monaco/Ace editor tabs

So i made Monaco/Ace editor tabs there only 300 robux dm on discord: xlunemployedlx#0635