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Created a new thread: [Request] Good Dropdown library?

Throw me some good dropdown libraries other than Wally.

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I'm pretty sure it's because there's something preventing the new tab function to fire, are you sure you haven't put any infinite loops there? If not, I'd recommend going to the Sirius forums for help.

Created a new thread: Sorry wrong place

Content must be 20-8000 chars

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@Sxnxster What icons do you use?

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Can you throw in some images please?

Replied to thread: CW ON MEDUSA LYING ABT ME

Hello guys, I'm going to go foto shopping today, you guys want anything?

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Joke : Myself


Replied to thread: Animation script issue

@RealNickk Thanks for explaining

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What in the world is that, New creepypasta :troll:

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@kiwidevelopment But I havee no money :(

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Ok, Also embed images :sunglasses:

Replied to thread: Animation script issue

The animations are based on the Humanoid And HumanoidRootPart, It's destroyed when you're character dies so I'd prefer you create a gui to execute the script from within the game. Or else you could modify the script to re-execute the script when HumanoidRootPart is destroyed.


In order to do that you can put the script in a function and put a while true do under the function


You can use if not if it still works in the script below. I'm not sure if this is relevant though.


function Build()
    --script here

while true do
    if game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart then
        --Do nothing cause you haven't died.
        Build() -- Rexecute script

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So hot bro, But beside that it actaully gives me nostalgia.



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Replied to thread: api not turning on

Idk if anyone uses WRD-API these days, Sorry