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uhhh i make shitty exploits


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Commented to thread : [C#] Basic Info Sender

true true but i jsut sent that as something he could add


Replied to thread : Help me please

This aint no script lmfao

Replied to thread : [C#] Basic Info Sender

Pretty nice and cool but usually the OS is always wrong or barely works


also you can try getting the HWID by using WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent().User.Value;



Commented to thread : RC7 remake (crappy)

bro what is that 😭

Created a new thread : How to get ace editor on my roblox exploit and be able to execute scripts

So i was asking people what i should add and someone said ace or monaco and i know what ace is so how do i add it to my C# win forms exploit

and also be able to execute it 

Replied to thread : [REQUEST] WaterV3 Exploit (MULTI-API)

@boyke ill prolly add monaco before release

Replied to thread : [REQUEST] WaterV3 Exploit (MULTI-API)

Have any ideas for new fonts or icons?

Created a new thread : [REQUEST] WaterV3 Exploit (MULTI-API)

So me and some of my friends decided to make an exploit and i worked on most of it and my friend worked on the scripthub and wanted to just show it to people



Loading Screen



Lua Script Writer



If i shound change something please tell me so i can update it for the next version!