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Replied to thread : Introducing SirHurt Android... Try it free for a limited time only! No key system!

I used SirHurt Android as a tester before it was released publically. From what I have seen and heard - Spook has been great with listening to feedback from the community and has made updates to the product accordingly. 


I can also say that between then and now, the product has had quite a few additions to it in such little time. Which, in turn, makes it unlike many other products of its kind.


If looking for a way to develop scripts or use them on mobile is within your interests, why bother looking any further? It's free for a limited time so you may as well make the most of it.



Replied to thread : how much you'll rate urself at LUA ??

Lua in general: 6

Roblox game dev side: 7

Exploiting side: 4-5


Replied to thread : [Release] Fly Race noob farm

@Mcvotrianh Thanks for the info!


I'll change that soon.

Replied to thread : [Release] Fly Race noob farm

Glad you like it @Pekka



Leave any notes on changes or feedback :)


It also works if you rebrith, you just need to re-execute the script. May change that as well.

Created a new thread : [Release] Fly Race noob farm

To use: Enable 'Auto-Run' in-game after executing. That's it.

FYI: I'm not that great at the exploit side of scripting - but it works.


[#1 Change-log]: Added a check for auto-run. Only works if auto-run is on and will not auto if it isn't enabled.


Let me know if you want any improvements or have any feedback.




-- Made by me

local plr = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local char = plr.Character

local hrp = char:WaitForChild("HumanoidRootPart")

local landing =, -103.86, 104719)

local isflying = plr:WaitForChild("IsFlying")
local autoRun = plr.PlayerGui.Main.SideTabs.AutoFly.Main.Button.Main.Switch

    if isflying and autoRun.BackgroundColor3 == Color3.fromRGB(127, 255, 189) then
        hrp.CFrame = landing

Replied to thread : Rate my first login form

Yeah I didn't watch that lol. What he did does look similar but I have different design choices (which doesn't prove anything), but I don't like a few of his elements.


And from seeing the video now, I see that my way of doing it was different. I.e. Different methods of completing the design.


However, I consider the colours that I have used could be better.

Replied to thread : Rate my first login form

Thanks guys for the positive comments!


What should I work on next?

Replied to thread : Rate my first login form



Thank you kindly :)

Replied to thread : Rate my first login form



Lol thanks, you should see how weird it looks if I change the z-index (the render layer priority/index). Funny how layers solve everything

Replied to thread : Rate my first login form


Thanks! >:)    Any changes?

Replied to thread : Rate my first login form

It means I know how to correctly secure a back-end - obviously

Replied to thread : Rate my first login form

Unironically I'm a node js dev so no

Created a new thread : Rate my first login form

What do you think about my first login form? 


I think it's quite alright as the last time I touched HTML/CSS was in 2018. (No tutorials / guides used.)


If you have any ideas for website stuff let me know. Trying to work up the difficulty levels.

Replied to thread : What should do as contribution.

1 (maybe some c# tut to show how to get started with animations, smooth transitions and whatnot).

Replied to thread : Introducing SirHurt's exploit status checker! List your exploit for FREE!

I agree. Services should not be biased. Good job on this one.