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I like to drink tea, I do lua but Im bad at it, Theres nothing more Im gonna tell you. Oh yeah one last thing, My maid is a dipshit




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Replied to thread : Voyager Site (practically comet knockoff)

Are you sure you didn't copy all the code and change a bit of css?

Replied to thread : Reason's To Use Nihon.

Seems legit

Replied to thread : Is EasyExploits api still works?



Do not discuss competitors


Replied to thread : Rate Ui be honest

Nice MS paint picture, You passed 2nd grade computer science! also that's a GUI in roblox studio.

Replied to thread : Rate my UI chars

Typical WPF starter UI

Replied to thread : JJsploit not working

I'm gonna die

Replied to thread : How to make ui with fluxus api?

Fluxus doesn't maintain their public API anymore. 

Replied to thread : Stuck on a version...

Just use a different exploit

Replied to thread : [CW AGAIN] Encorrupted | Racist, Toxic, DDoS

I'm laughing at his anger issues, He might need to get that checked out :thinking:

Replied to thread : [CW] Mrk0 - lying & making false pedo accusations

I vouch, SirWeeb had to do what he had to do

Replied to thread : [QUESTION] Where can I get KRNL icons?

I do know that, I used to create UIs and sh*t in WPF, Till I eventually got bored and quit

Replied to thread : [QUESTION] Where can I get KRNL icons?

@KanekiCat Thanks man, Do you have any idea on how to use it, Because I'm clueless

Replied to thread : when did u start coding

I started around May of 2021, 🗿