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Replied to thread : Delta Windows Announcement - 5th October 2023

I hope adding a paywall to Delta will reduce the brainless user population in Delta's userbase 🙏🙏

Replied to thread : Hyperion on UWP


Commented to thread : Are there any public APIs?

isn't it just stolen wrd dll by fluxteam with an unofficial api of urs built on top?

Replied to thread : [RELEASE] Prime Script Utility

if you want to copy our website design do it properly lol, we have the whole thing on our github page if you want (or yk give credit where you got the design from 💖)

Replied to thread : FluidUI - A UI Kit for Roblox


Replied to thread : Rate my UI [Winforms]

I don't like the colors

Replied to thread : how do you like YOUR men?

naked and oily

Replied to thread : Visage | Upcoming Level 7 Executor

looks sick, goodjob teri

Replied to thread : [ALERT] YouTube Copyright Exploit

damm das crazy.

Replied to thread : (WinForms) Smooth window drag, like in lua scripts.

this is pretty sick ngl, goodjob lol

Replied to thread : yooo it's my birthday 🎉

Happy Birthday Again btw lol