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what sup

i lo re c++


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Replied to thread : newcclosure issue in metamethod hooks

u did pcall on roblox's side, n youre trying to retrieve the error string (from roblox) on your side (which wont exist since youre doing pcall on robloxs side), you should instead do all of the newcclosure handling on roblox's side

Commented to thread : I need help with a school project

check my newest thread

Created a new thread : school work questions

So like a need a dude to interview and previously, I asked the same question, and some dude said to ask everyone the questions I have.

these quesitons are about like reverse engineering and stuff


  • How oftenly do you use the disassembler during disassembly (assembly to pseudo  code)?
  • Is it bad if you solely rely on the disassembler
  • How much assembly do you know?
  • Do you actively know assembly?
  • How would you rate yourself in disassembly?

Commented to thread : I need help with a school project

i jujst gotta ask a few questions about like reverse engineering and such

Created a new thread : I need help with a school project

So i got this school project about reverse engineering and i need to inverview someone for it

Could someone with some knowledge about the topic help? 



Replied to thread : memcheck question

@bennytrt, ye ik like reversing, c++ and such to a point but like

idk what memcheck is exactly like i found some class in source called like "ClientMemoryChecker" and i guess i could find that but like i aint doing allat so like uhhh

Created a new thread : memcheck question

so i got the 2016 source and such and im trying to hook checkers for a 2016 client

but like idfk how to find checkers or even like how memcheck works besides it has a main hasher and a few checkers that check regions of memory for changes

could anyone point me in the right direction?

Replied to thread : how much you'll rate urself at LUA ??

7/10 w/ internal lua stuf

Replied to thread : ITSSSS MY BRITHDAYYYYYY :D

happy biretday

Created a new thread : Whats the difference between [] and +

uh idk what the difference is between [] and + when accessing a ptr


whats the different between




Replied to thread : Roblox keeps on kicking me for exploiting every 2 games

get a different exploit, or wait a lil

Created a new thread : How do i use task.defer?

should i even use it? how should i use task.defer in c++

cause im tryna do some execution and i read that u should use task.defer instead of spawn but idfk

Replied to thread : Namic X | The not bad WeAreDevs API exploit

looks pretty cool for an apisploitl, igz

kinda reminds me of imgui

Replied to thread : Noclip error massege

install microsoft visual studio c++ runtime 2015 - 2022 (x86)

should work

Replied to thread : roblox update 26/11/22

@PureMath please shut up and be patient, if you want quick times, pay for it