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Commented to thread : Goodbye Y'all!

Game console exploiting (like Ps3/Ps4 HEN)

Commented to thread : Goodbye Y'all!

Not anymore

Created a new thread : Goodbye Y'all!

Hello Everyone! Today I Will Be Leaving WeAreDevs, Why? Well, Roblox Exploiting Is Getting Mad Boring, And I Have Wanted To Move To The Console Exploiting Scene For Quite A While Now And I Thought, Hey, Why Not Move Today? So Yeah I Will Go Away From WeAreDevs 

Whats Gonna Happen To Projects I Work On? 

Most Likely Will Update Them Untill I Get Bored lol

I Will Repeat Here, Im Leaving The Roblox Exploiting Community, For The Console Exploiting Community, And If I Dont Like It There, Well, I Dont Know, We Will See I Guess

Add Me On Discord If You Want, And Haven't Yet : Atonix#0078

Bye Yall I Wish You All Luck!

Replied to thread : About game aps

Two, two, one, two
How DOOM hold heat, and preach non-violence?
Shhh, he 'bout to start the speech, c'mon, silence
On one scary night, I saw the light
Heard a voice that sound like Barry White said, "Sure you're right"
Don't let me find out who tried to bite
They better off goin' to fly a kite in a firefight
During tornado time with no coat then I caught ya
Wrote the book on rhymes, a note from the author
With no headshot, he said it's been a while
Got a breadwinner style to get a inner child up in to smile
And that's no exaggeration
The doctor told a patient, "It's all in your imagination negro"
Ah, what do he know?
About the buttery flow, he need to cut the ego
Trippin', to date the Metal Fellow been rippin' flows
Since New York plates was ghetto yellow with broke blue writing
This is too exciting
Folks leave out the show feelin' truly enlightened
They say, "The Villain been spittin' enough lightning
To rock shock the Boogie Down to Brighton" a'ight then
Yeah, check, it's enough
Uhh, yeah, now
How MED hold heat like Clint Eastwood reborn?
Leave 'em with more holes than a dartboard
Haters watch him, Hennessy double shottin'
Drink like the answer to the problem's at the bottle's bottom
Uh, from the bottom, top that homey, pay how you owe me
My (nword here) take no like Kobe
Even with the the arms of the Hulk, you couldn't hold me
From gettin' mines, stogies be rolled, smokin' and gettin' by
Thanks rap, I ain't got a dime
Got me sneakin' out of checkout lines with bottles by the wayside
Yeah, smack 'em in the face, let 'em taste pride
Face trial, end up washed up like the shorelines
Do or die ride, how the dead return
Street turns, keep me in this dirt, like an earthworm
What he spit hits and grows, will brothers ever learn
Word for word, chat with a nerd, meeting adjourned

song is Raid By Madvillain, Madlib, MED, And Mf Doom
spotify link :

Replied to thread : WPF Guide [5 tips]

Vouch! Helped Me Understand WPF a Bit More :)

Replied to thread : New roblox exploit Lightning

the logo is the logo from the paid gta mod menu impulse LOL 
all jokes aside its pretty gud 8/10

love that syntax bro

keep it up! :D

Replied to thread : Rate My Terrible Executor

looks promissing :)
i can help if u want 

add me on discord u'd like :D 


also nice pfp lol

Replied to thread : no more multi roblox

4dw3?? is that u bro XD

Replied to thread : My Final Goodbye

may not have been that fair towards you, i still will give u chances to improve, 

im thankfull for what u did for me :)

stay strong, brother - bennytrt/soulzay

Replied to thread : Rate My Website UI [NEW]

Sadly i cant rate cuz it says for me it couldnt find the DNS :(

Replied to thread : Hello! DLL Sources for learning?

Just like atari said, master it first, then move on, 

Stick to on language untill u mastered it or u may f*ck up iykwim

Replied to thread : memcheck question

@Reversed, Ahh Alright Thanks For Explaining

Replied to thread : can someone please make a free mac script executor that works?

i find it intresting and want to make one, sadly i dont own an imac or macbook and idk if u can create a mac VM

Replied to thread : [Release] Lua Rap Song

@Cyros, why do i get to see this only now..