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Replied to thread : Showing off Misako's Decompiler (small script)

Decompiler.fdsasdd..ds.d sd as

yes ill delete krnl from my pc after misako release mmhhmhhm ✌✌

Replied to thread : [ SELLING ] my roblox pet simulator x script source "Something Hub"

Dk man when I saw your thread I think you really need money or smth, don't you?

Replied to thread : How to get text from ace editor/monaco/webbrowser multi tab?

I dont know what platform are you using.

WPF or WinForms?


Replied to thread : Can you obfuscate WPF apps?

Above ^^

Yes. you can obfuscate wpf apps.

Some obfuscators don't doe

If they do prob doesn't even obfuscate the xaml source.

so yeah watchout 


NOTE: broken/slow expected.

Replied to thread : Zeus X UI Remake

@crazy_cat alr ig... ill improve soon

Created a new thread : Zeus X UI Remake

Yeah, I'm bored. so what yall think about this one, I know this is pretty simple


Getting the anims working is pretty hard for me ngl lol rate 0-10 hehe

should I release this? pls zeus x owner don't sue me 🤣

Created a new thread : Hey what i should do to be like yall? :)

Hey lately I've been feeling stuck in my learning journey.

I don't know why I don't feel motivated anymore

I already have a programming background and I already understand a bit of programming concepts

But I'm still having a hard time finding stackoverflow that found my answer. how do i make this? how do i solve this.

I looked for some of you guys on github. and I'm quite impressed with the projects yall create.


there was a guy who made dll for roblox exploits free and open source, and some of them made the best scripts like opengamertips

and some of them make API for great editor like monaco,ace for wpf and some of them make roblox hwid tweaking thing?

how and how is it possible? Are you guys aliens or have you basically learned a lot over the centuries?


Do yall have a roadmap that I can use,

Or an advice? whatever


thanks in advance.

Replied to thread : JJSploit can't download exploit dll

Try reinstalling jjsploit. thanks

Replied to thread : New To Community, Hey! :D

Welcome to the com >_<

Get everything ready. if you do something bad you are screwed here and everywhere...

Replied to thread : [REQ] How to use Webview API


I modded it littlebit & how to use included


NOTE: you have to install webview2 runtime to your pc (i think) otherwise it would not work and thats the downside about webview2. pick whats the best for you ;)

Replied to thread : That is Better?

They all have different purposes in use. i prefer standard functions over lambda.

Even if I use lambda, maybe in LINQ or others stuff related to it.


(Not An Expert) but thats my opinion as beginners c# dev

Replied to thread : [Rate] Second Ui WPF

Looks decent 6.5 for this one. looks messed up littlebit