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Created a new thread : Is exploiting over?

I've been gone for a while and now I see that the forum is dead. Is the exploiting era over?

Replied to thread : Where did all the mods go









































wth happened? im only gone a year and wrd dead?

Replied to thread : the literal peak.


Replied to thread : Are we getting close to the end of exploiting era on roblox?

every couple of years, roblox tries something to stop exploiting. 2 years ago, the inline update killed most of the skidsploits. now hyperion. people will always bypass anti-exploiting measures taken by roblox.

Replied to thread : Hyper Script Execution DLL for UWP ✨

one of the best thread designs i have seen. will use this if I decide to restart my jailbreak auto rob project.

btw what is this font?

Commented to thread : Hyperion has been officially bypassed.

not like you could do any better

Replied to thread : rate kitten :D

why does she remind me of skylar from breaking bad?

Commented to thread : What linux distro is better?

@Alawrpar idk, I haven't used Manjaro since 2019

Replied to thread : What linux distro is better?

or, instead of regular arch, use manjaro cuz more begginer friendly

Commented to thread : [RELEASE] Prime Script Utility

Understandable, have a nice day.

Replied to thread : Orbit | Roblox's Best Scripting IDE

'Best' is a bold word...

Replied to thread : Atlantis Official Coming Soon!

Ishan on team = instantly bad

Commented to thread : any good uwp dll dev who dont charge like 400$ monthly

You ruined the chain πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ