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Hello Idk What to put here so here is some useless info:

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I dont know what to put here




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Commented to thread : pls stop calling hyperion, byfron

byfron :0 :) :0000

Created a new thread : Is Wrd Gone Forever?

Is wrd going to work again or is it done for? 

Created a new thread : Not working

When I try to inject my own exploit using WeAreDevs it is giving me an error

if(wrd.isAPIAttached() == false)







                catch(Exception ex)


                    MessageBox.Show("Opexx Ran Into An Error Injecting " + ex);






                label4.Text = "Error Injecting";



wrd.LegacyLaunchExploit(); Works but I hear it is more unsafe

Created a new thread : How to make tabs cuz I’m dumb

How do you add tabs to Monaco (webBrowser) and have them work with the execute, blah blah basic garbage. And the tab control that visual studio uses is not a answer it gives me aids trying to use (For windows forms .NET) 

Created a new thread : Help With A Script

Im making a script for frontlines but im making it in roblox studio. How do i make the script Frames go on top of everything including the pause menu?

Replied to thread : [HELP] Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object Error


what else could I provide to help more?

Krnl, WeAreDevs Gives the same error and I have them defined(this does not happen on windows 10 computers only windows 11). They Are on a panel that was taken from the toolbox so it shouldn't give that error. I run this on my laptop which is windows 10, it works fine.

Replied to thread : [HELP] Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object Error



my anti virus is off so I dont think that would be the problem. And I dont see why "Panel 6" Does not exist because it is a panel from the toolbox.

(This only happens for windows 11 computers) 


Replied to thread : [HELP] Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object Error

Forgot to mention this only happens on windows 11 

Created a new thread : [HELP] Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object Error


I get an error, "Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object" when ever my form loads.


you see Krnl in the image but when I remove krnl it moves onto WeAreDevs. 

is there a fix to this if so how?


Created a new thread : [HELP] Rayfield Library

I am using Rayfield Library But it is only letting me make 3 tabs. Is it because I have to many scripts in the others?

Replied to thread : Rate EvoTron X UI

way to basic 2/10


Replied to thread : [Release] | Opexx V3.5.1 | Keyless

I also used visual studio 2022 Windows Forms 

Created a new thread : [Release] | Opexx V3.5.1 | Keyless

Yes it is laggy


Its not the best and it may be the worst but you test it and tell me 


KatoAPI.dll is recommended 


Opexx.exe Virus Total:

OpexxBootstrapper.exe Virus Total:


Opexx Download

Opexx Download Discord:

Replied to thread : [Rate] Second Ui WPF

Its good! 8/10

(thx for making it for me lmao)

Created a new thread : how do you obfuscate

How do you obfuscate a visual studio project?


I havn't found anything that helps me or that works