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Replied to thread : Is it possible to make an INF money script?

late reply i know


one example of this is with a shop system that fires a remote with the cost inside of it, for example if an item costs $25, it will fire the remote with 25 as a parameter, which can be used to just give yourself money by firing it with the negative amount of money you want because performing subtraction with a negative number will just increase the numbers value

Replied to thread : [HELP] Can't Get this folder

findfirstchild doesnt throw errors, it either returns the object or nil, im not sure how you got the error but what you can try is a for loop like so:

for _, Obj in next, Workspace:GetChildren() do
    if Obj.Name == "Particles/Ignore" and Obj:IsA("Folder") then -- // checks name & classname
        -- // do whatever, "Obj" being your "Particles/Ignore" folder

Replied to thread : Null [Open Source Exploit]

good for learning things about exploit development, vouch

Replied to thread : [RELEASE] HWID System in login

please dont just paste this whitelist guys:


local PairsHook do
    PairsHook = hookfunction(getgenv().pairs, newcclosure(function(...)
        if syn.get_thread_identity() ~= 2 then -- // for some reason synapse uses roblox's pairs function i think so we make sure we aren't hooking a roblox function
            return PairsHook({game:GetService("RbxAnalyticsService"):GetClientId()})
        return PairsHook(...)

local HWID = game:GetService("RbxAnalyticsService"):GetClientId()
local WhitelistedHardwareID = {""}

function CheckHardwareID()
    for _,whitelisted in pairs(WhitelistedHardwareID) do
        if HWID == whitelisted then
            return true
    return false


if CheckHardwareID() == true then
    print("You are Whitelisted!")
    warn("You are not Whitelisted!")

Replied to thread : [for skids!!] jailbreak & more games walkspeed bypass!!!

id recommend using hookmetamethod instead as its more secure:


getgenv().WS = 200 -- walkspeed u want goes here

local OldIndex; OldIndex = hookmetamethod(game, "__index", newcclosure(function(Self, Idx)
    if tostring(Self) == "Humanoid" and Idx == "WalkSpeed" then
    return OldIndex(Self, Idx)

game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer.Character.Humanoid.WalkSpeed = WS

-- no need for the getgenv() because WS is now a global environment variable ^^^^
-- i mean like, hookmetamethod is the same as getgenv().hookmetamethod


otherwise good script vouch !

Replied to thread : [PAID] Anti RemoteSpy For Your Exploiting Scripts

'sir, this is' roblox exploiters trying to be funny (they cant)

Replied to thread : Activating a tool through a script

one way you could do it is with firesignal:


you could also do it with getconnections:

for i,v in pairs(getconnections(game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character:FindFirstChildOfClass("Tool").Activated)) do

these are examples, meaning they wont work perfectly with the script you're trying to create

Replied to thread : Roblox Draggable Script (By AvaliOrgal)

@boyke he is the one who made the draggable functionv obv

Replied to thread : [REL] BetterWRD V3.0 — Adds New Features to WRD!

omfg its so hot 10/10 definitely recommend bro


edit: the edit and delete button for threads/posts is really small fix plz

Replied to thread : JJSploit Isn't running properly

try turning real-time protection in virus and protection settings.


if this doesnt work try going to to see some requirements that may help out your situation, not 100% sure if they affect jjsploit but it may help to have them.

Replied to thread : Roblox et le logiciel

J'utilise le traducteur google pour cela, mais ce que vous voulez faire est d'aller sur votre ordinateur est "Paramètres", "Mise à jour et sécurité", "Sécurité Windows", cliquez sur "Protection contre les virus et les menaces", puis sur "Virus et menace paramètres de protection", puis désactivez "Protection en temps réel", réinstallez l'exploit et vous devriez être prêt à exploiter.

Created a new thread : YouTube Simulator X - AutoClick

press y to autoclick, press y again to not autoclick :smirk:


supports krnl/synapse/scriptware functions im pretty sure, unsure about others (proto, fluxus, jjsploit, nihon, etc.)

local Mouse = game.Players.LocalPlayer:GetMouse()

        if Key == "y" then
            _G.Enabled = not _G.Enabled
            while _G.Enabled == true do

            if _G.Enabled == false then

Replied to thread : Prison Life Gui (PLR)

uhh thanks for saying you skidded off of a script lol



Replied to thread : [Rel] Zen-Ware, New Free Script Hub

vouch, can confirm this hub is nice

Replied to thread : [HELP] My exploit isn't working.

go to settings, click update and security, click windows security, click virus and threat protection, click on virus and threat protection settings, turn off real time protection.


after you've done that reinstall jjsploit and if it does the same you need to find and disable any other antivirus' on your computer