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Contribute to Express, an open-source ROBLOX exploit written fully in C.




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Created a new thread : What are requirements to inject DLL into desktop ROBLOX client?

Recently I've been trying to write a simple DLL probe for messing with RobloxPlayerBeta. When I inject the DLL to notepad, it will open a console, and print `Hello, world!` in a loop. However, when I try it on RobloxPlayerBeta, nothing happens for a few seconds, and then it (sometimes) crashes.


Does anybody know how to bypass this on the desktop version of ROBLOX?

Created a new thread : I'm writing another operating system because I'm bored...

Yes, I know this is a different GitHub account, but it's my second GitHub account. Besides that, I decided to spend my time on writing a UNIX-like operating system, as an alternative to Linux:

I have to implement a few more modules, and I'll then start porting basic Linux programs to my kernel such as BASH and busybox.

For now, I have a physical memory manager and a virtual memory manager implemented, I'm re-writing my handers for interrupts, here's a screenshot of what the OS looks like for now:


This time, instead of using multiboot for the boot protocol, I chose to use limine so that it can map my kernel to a higher half, and so that it can jump straight to long mode, so yes, this is an operating system for amd64.


For now, M/UX is licensed under All Rights Reserved, except for files inside kernel/thirdparty.


Hope it becomes the next Linux, lol.

Replied to thread : Fluxxus Injection failed

Search free robux on Google until you run into Microsoft Tech Support.

They may be able to help you with this.

Replied to thread : Archimedes (Discord account mass generator)

Thanks for the credit, but I'm not really that good at python, most of the work was done by you 😅.

Commented to thread : What linux distro is better?

Haha, ReactOS is a glitchy one. I remember trying it out once, and it barely even supported an old version of Firefox.

But it's good to see an open-source NT compatible!

Commented to thread : What linux distro is better?

I use Debian 13, and It's probably the best distro out there. Supports more than just x86_64 (arch only supports x86_64 officially), and most apps have an option for Debian.

Created a new thread : What linux distro is better?

What linux distro is better? Arch linux, or Debian?

Replied to thread : Help With Making An Executor.

WPF is a .NET thing, therefore I'd move this to C#, even though it could be related if you're working with CLI and C++ environment.

Commented to thread : [Source code] IPv4 scanner written in pure C.




i m  t y p i n g  t h i s  h e r e  b e c a u s e  o f  c h a r a c t e r  l i m i t

Commented to thread : [Source code] IPv4 scanner written in pure C.

Thanks! Really motivates me to even do better and improve my work.

Created a new thread : [Source code] IPv4 scanner written in pure C.

Was bored so I decided to write a faster version of Angry IP scanner.


I call it iSpy. It's multithreaded (supports hundreds of threads), and allows you to log all online hosts to a file. You can also find tons of WiFi network log-in pages, camera login pages, and even Minecraft servers. I'm guessing most of them use default usernames and passwords, but I haven't tried it since I'm not trying to get into any sort of trouble.


I don't recommend you to use iSpy to find vulnerable servers so that you can hack them, and I am NOT responsible for what you do with iSpy.


I haven't put a license on the repository yet, so that means that all rights are reserved. But soon, i'll add an open-source license to it.

Replied to thread : [Source code] Very simple C++ guessing game.

It is always recommended to make macros and definitions in all capitalized litters in C/C++:

/* FROM */
#define less_stock stock_1 = stock_1 - 1
#define more_stock stock_1 = stock_1 + 1
/* TO */
#define LESS_STOCK stock_1 = stock_1 - 1
#define MORE_STOCK stock_1 = stock_1 + 1


Replied to thread : Is a good site for learning C++?

Learn C first on an operating system like GNU/Linux, you'll learn the important basics. Then, move to Windows and start "learning C++". You'll most likely end up using C features and little to no C++.


I can give you a list of things to learn in order:

Learn pointers. It's easier than you think. Here's a very simple example of using a pointer:

// A pointer can be a variable or register or some sort of storage that stores an address to something else in memory
int my_actual_variable = 123;
// You can use uintptr_t to make a simple pointer:
uintptr_t my_pointer = &my_actual_variable;


// You can use a generic pointer like this:
int * my_pointer = &my_actual_variable;


// You can also just use void for a non-discriminatory pointer
void * my_pointer = &my_actual_variable;

Pointers can also be used to edit memory in a specific address of memory (this will be very useful when making cheats!):

// Edit an int in address 0x12345678 in memory (set it to 99)
*((int*)0x12345678) = 99;

When making cheats like this, make sure it's a DLL or make sure that your code is injected to the game. Editing it from another process will not work, because many CPUs like amd64 or AArch64 have MMUs which protect memory. Operating system kernels like Linux or NT (Windows) will take advantage of amd64's GDT (Global Descriptor Table) and/or paging to protect memory for each process to make sure that a process doesn't write to another process.


There's still a bit more to learn, but just make sure that you're looking at a "learn C" tutorial before looking at a "learn C++" tutorial.

Commented to thread : Is there any hCAPTCHA library for C/C++?

I'll try that, thanks (I found some documentation on how to render a hCAPTCHA dialog in HTML).

Time to write an HTTP server...

Created a new thread : Is there any hCAPTCHA library for C/C++?

I'm working on a project called Discard which is written in C, that allows me to automate the creation of Discord accounts, and I did some really basic reverse engineering on the Discord login page using inspect element to figure out the API for registering a Discord account.

I created a function that calls this API using libcurl & cJSON, which then returns the hCAPTCHA sitekey. Is there any C/C++ (preferably C) library that allows me to display the CAPTCHA on-screen so that I can solve it manually? I can't seem to find any library that does this.