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Replied to thread : Is WRD Still safe?

Its 100% safe as it doesnt work to begin with. The API as far as we know is dead. idk if the dev has intentions of fixing it, but so far its not looking good. The api has been dead for about a year, maybe longer. I would say try to find a leaked api, like celery.

Commented to thread : Is WRD Still safe?

Oh no, Septermber 15 2023 is when it broke. In reality jj is practically dead.

Replied to thread : You can copy this game

Copying a game isnt simple unless the publisher specifically allows it. If you really want to, it might be worth taking a look at Dex, you will need an executor for it, but it can in most cases save parts of the game. You should know however, that on even the best of executors, you will not get serverside scripts. Only LocalScripts and ModuleScripts can be decompiled, as serverside scripts never get sent to the user (its called serverside for a reason). If your wishing to preserve the functions of the cars, then your outta luck. I can tell you however, it probably wouldnt be too hard to find a pre-existing vehicle script, modify it, and "transplant" it to the car.

Replied to thread : problem with API.LaunchExploit();

You dont need to pass anything as an argument. That exception is coming from the WeAreDevs api and happens as a result of the api being dead. Cut the losses and hope a byfron compatible exploit is made that is avail for public use. 

Replied to thread : have error in c# in resource

I presume your adding them to the Resx file. In such case you can easily manipulate it. One of my projects does this.

 var resource = Properties.Resources.requiredfile;
 FileStream fileStream = new FileStream("My cool file.txt", FileMode.CreateNew);
 for (int i = 0; i < resource.Length; i++)

this code assumes the file is stored under the name "requiredfile" and that you want to save it to "My cool file.txt"

Replied to thread : Fluxus shuts down at the same time as it installs.

Fluxus has had MASSIVE amounts of people leave their dev team. Fluxus is practically going the same way as Krnl, so just cut the losses and find another free executor.

Replied to thread : I NEED HELP WITH AN FUNCTION

Lemme help you out here. For the time being, the WRD api is dead. No api you can dev with is up rn. Cut the losses. wait a year or so, and hope stuff works out.

Commented to thread : How to bypass most ad systems.

Well if your talking about mobile games the answer is no. However if you want something that CAN do that for mobile games you could get pi-hole


Created a new thread : How to bypass most ad systems.

A few months ago I made a post about How to bypass linkvertise ads (PHP Systems Included!). Alot has changed since then. 
Theres a new website called gives a new bypasser for even links. Theres also a new website starting to be used in order for exploit makers to make money called filedm. Filedm is like linkvertise in that it gives an installer stuffed to the brim with ads.

1st way:

Go to

Paste in your adlink

Click Bypass

click the link it gives you (there may be a few popups but just close out of them.)



2nd way

Install TamperMonkey

Install script

Go to the adlink website

Watch work its magic





FileDM doesnt have a bypass, but there is still a way to not exit the installer with 20 new viruses detected.

1. Download and open the FileDM installer. 

2. Click Next.

3. DECLINE ALL OFFERS (Some have checkboxes so read carefully)

4. Paste link in browser.




Replied to thread : How should I proceed with learning le CSharp?

Replied to thread : What linux distro is better?

I would say go with ethier Rocky Linux or Ubuntu

Created a new thread : How to write your own exploit UI in HTML, CSS and Javascript

If I told you you could write the UI for an exploit in html, css and js, and said you would have to write very little C#, would you belive me? is an extendable program designed to convert javascript functions into C# functions. It behaves just like Electron. Giving you a browser interface with extra features. Allowing anyone to make an exploit with little C# experience.

Commented to thread : Replace WinRar

Fair. But still. The program allowes for ease of use.

Commented to thread : Replace WinRar

7zip doesnt always support certian files.

Created a new thread : Replace WinRar

For as long as I can remember (june 2019), WinRAR has sat at the bottom of the page slowly being downloaded. As the community might know, you get 40 days of free winrar, then it annoys you with a pop up every time you open it. 

Might I suggest something new?

PeaZip does everything winrar does, but better. 

It supports 200+ file formats

It is free forever, no popup ads.

Supports linux natively without wine

Is open source (Though it is written in pascal so i doubt many people will understand it)
Comes with really neat icons for archives.
Handles Decryption well.

Is beginner friendly (good for the 9 year olds that come here)

And before you ask, no. I am not being paid to say this. I just love peazip and Im sure the community will too.