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Panda-Pelican Development Team Presence

( Panda-Pelican Key System ) 

( Go Register Now! )


Totally free

We provide free services for everyone with reputable & trusted people



We povide Secure and safe services, Serversie Protection and etc



You can customize your own key system

Our main Features

Our primary offering, the Authentication Key System, encompasses numerous features that set it apart.




We offering a dashboard for our members that includes statistics, managing keys and full customizeable settings.



Our key system service is a versatile and efficient solution that empowers users to monetize their content and generate revenue through various methods. By supporting multiple link shorteners, including Boostellar, Linkvertise, Work Ink, ShrinkEarn, and more, our service offers users the flexibility to choose the platform that best suits their needs.



Our key system service provides real-time statistics and analytics, allowing users to monitor their users, active key rates, and audience engagement. These insights help users make informed decisions to improve their monetization



Our Authentication Key system service providing a good and secured serverside. We usually do a pentesting first before launching the new update publicly and fixing most of the vulnerabilities so its harder for hackers to do bypass serversided.


24/7 Support

Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist users with any queries or issues they may encounter. We aim to provide timely and effective support to ensure a smooth and satisfying experience for all our users.


Customizable Checkpoints

The system allows users to set custom checkpoints for their monetization campaigns. Users can define the number of checkpoints their audience needs to pass before accessing certain content, ensuring a fair and rewarding experience for both content creators and users.

Supported Language:

* CSharp 

* Lua (Roblox) Soon (FiveM)

* Python (New!)


Beta Testing (To be release or updated on 1/3/2024):

* C++

* Java

* Javascript / PHP (Web Development)

At some point someone actually tries to copy Panda Auth System


Register to Pelican Auth System Now!

( POV: We still finding for good thread designer )



Created a new thread : When Entire Community gets leaked ( READ DISC )

Hi welcome back to another short video of idk the heck im doing


If you want to watch Anime & Manga! Visit PandaAnime ( made by panda-development team )


Replied to thread : Codex - The #1 Adfree Mobile Executor

Bro caught my attention on thread's design! nice thread

wish i can skid the thread design too :troll:

oh btw can anyone upload their script to your Executor or you're only one who can add it?


Have you heard abt ChatGPT (sound dumb but heck you can fix it if you may follow's the instrucion of chatgpt)

Replied to thread : how to make roblox executor with kiwi x api

Step 1: Pay Kiwi's License Fee (about 999,999$ per month)

Step 2: Wait for his reply (takes 1 year, lucky if its 24hrs)

Step 3: He send code to you & Implement it properly

Kiwi if u read this, i was joking lmfao

Replied to thread : Having issues with installing roblox through windows store

Simple Answer: Sadly No


You can download other Windows Version such as Tiny11 ( Windows 11 ) in my opinion since i totaly use it & MS Store works fine even its heavy debloated.

Replied to thread : 24 hour reset key system

Hi, We can host key system for your Hub Just contact us (ItzSkieHackerYT#0915) or ( and ping us lol



[+] Linkvertise / / ShrinkEarn / ClicksEarn as your choosing revenue

[+] Checkpoint 

[+] HWID-based Key System ( Support Mobile Too )

[+] You can set ur key system from 1 Hour up to 99 Hours!

[+] With DashBoard



Replied to thread : [RELEASE] BYFRON BYPASS!!!!

Vouch (1st Comment) now release my adopted children from your basement

Created a new thread : WRD RIGHT NOW: *ROBLOX VS EXPLOIT

Hi guys, whatsup, well i just made this video for stupid fun, don't take it seriously & besides i'm kinda bore so i got this idea from youtube (RTX vs Jedi Survivor) and my brain came up with JJSploit Vs. Roblox


For Synapse Fans


Replied to thread : [CW] Terminal aka Wonderx86 aka _exclsv (Skidding / Making Botnet / Selling skidded executor and a little bit more)

bro i felt bad for you for judging him a Diplomatic Person which you should check a person's background next time

but anyway nice cw, still laugh why this stupid 13 years old kiddo still on wrd.

Fun fact: He tried to escaped when rexi & immune attempt to interview him :troll:


Replied to thread : Statement to Hyperions Official Release. - By Byfron CTO

bro adding Byfron on Roblox  but still FPS Capped to 60FPS / 64-bit ROBLOX

also please leave us alone, like 80% of entire Roblox is using a cheat lol

(edit: i'm not that stupid if this is real guy or not but i just follow what community do )

Created a new thread : [ UPCOMING RELEASE ] - Project W+ ( Project Word Plus ) Keyless Lua Executor | Multi-API ( More Details )

Hi Everyone, it's been a while since i'm inactive on the community, so i made this script utility for wasting time, refreshing my bad-code experience and etc ( Oh i just made this since it came out to my mind on how to waste ur time instead of watching anime )


Introducing Project W+

( Not Final Name Yet, We just named for it )





[-] Multi API

( KrnlAPI & WeAreDevsAPI )


[-] Light Theme Designed

( We made this UI light theme caz we need to make it fitted to the User Interface )

[-] Keyless

( Since It's Open-Source, doesn't mean you gonna skid it caz u end up get rekt from ppl here )


[-] Obfuscate Script 

( Enigma Code & AES-256 / PAEC Conversion Software )


[-] Supported Windows 10 & Windows 11, 12 ( Maybe :kewk: )


[-] Moonsharp Lua Checker

Good for Lua Scripter who wants to code in MS PAINT


[+] It has Script Cloud Libraries too 

- but i forgot to code it lol... anyway



Beta Download: Microsoft Script Utility 2007 Download

( Link Updated caz the first one is uh... won't open lol missing dll )


VirusTotal: ( Hiroku Panda V3 UI when? )

AnyRun: Link Goes Here

Hybrid Analysis: ( Link Here )


You know, some of these feature will adopted to our New Generation Panda V3 which hiroku still makes until now he still makes, 3 months delays causing us to temporary discontinue Panda V2 due to heavenly bugged to death



PandaSU V3 will be back soon! with our Authentication Key Assistant



Replied to thread : [AD] Delta - Revolutionary Multi-Platform Exploiting

Cool release!

wishing for our partner's hub into Delta's Script Hub