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Trojan Viruses? Unlikely

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Usually, once you attempt to download an exploit, they get tacked by a swarm of warnings by your anti-virus. This can happen even if the exploit has no malicious intent at all. When this is the case, we call that a false positive.


There are a few reasons a DLL file or any other file type may be marked as malware.

  • Exploits need to manipulate your computer in order to make changes to the game. Typically it only manipulates the game's memory.
  • Some exploits even have some sort of mechanism to check for updates via the internet. The anti-malware program may assume that personal information is being sent
  • Some exploits have code obfuscation to make it harder for people to read code. This actually makes it harder for anti-malware programs to read the code too, so they often default to flagging the exploit as malware
  • Without an official publisher tied to the program, its trust levels are lower to the anti-malware program as there is no one to blame


Anti-viruses/anti-malware programs are very unreliable when it comes to checking exploit safety. This includes MalwareBytes, Virus Total, Avast, and especially Windows Defender. Not saying they're totally unreliable as they can protect you under certain cases, but they're often wrong. It's just plain dumb to rely on anti-malware for exploits. Most of the developers are developing as a hobby rather than professionally. This comes with flaws, but WeAreDevs will NEVER knowingly host malicious content. 


Do your research on the content and download it at your own risk. See if you're downloading from a trusted source such as See if the content is popular by making Google/YouTube searches. Chances are that it isn't malware if people with sensitive computers such as popular YouTubers are making videos of them using it.

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